Asif Upadhye


BuzzInContent compiles a list of most read and shared articles on the platform in the year gone by

By BuzzInContent Bureau | January 08, 2019

As consumers are not taking a shine to traditional advertising and avenues of brands to grab attention are narrowing down, content marketing is gradually evolving as a deliverable medium. But because of lack of measurability, a lot of brands are not going full throttle on it. Ending the marketers' confusion, compiles a list of tools that can be used to measure effectiveness of content marketing

By Akansha Mihir Mota | December 18, 2018

Asif Upadhye, the Co-founder, Director and Story Teller at Yellow Seed writes how good content can perform well only when supported with an equally good marketing strategy. Create engaging content but build a plan that promotes it well. Begin on the right note and continue the right path to reach the desired destination

By Asif Upadhye | September 04, 2018
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