A lot of brands tried their hands on content marketing in 2018, but it doesn't deliver results if done half-heartedly and can surpass the traditional advertising if the brand objective and distribution strategy is clear. This article outlines what 2019 has in store for content marketing

By Akansha Mihir Mota | January 02, 2019

The platform partners with Indian media brands who will create made-for-mobile publisher stories and TV-like shows for Snapchat, across multiple genres

By BuzzInContent Bureau | November 29, 2018

The list spotlights contributors who shaped industry opinion, analysed key trends and inspired others to join the conversation. Compared to 2018, the Top Voices received an average 11x more comments, 34x more likes and 7x more shares on their posts, articles and videos

By BuzzInContent Bureau | November 14, 2018

From GIFs, memes, jokes to everything about football, the content caught the attention of fans during the World Cup

By BuzzInContent Bureau | August 01, 2018

The content marketing initiative drove 7.5 lakh users to Brand Factory's site to buy the passes

By BuzzInContent Bureau | February 12, 2018
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