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A lot of brands tried their hands on content marketing in 2018, but it doesn't deliver results if done half-heartedly and can surpass the traditional advertising if the brand objective and distribution strategy is clear. This article outlines what 2019 has in store for content marketing

By Akansha Mihir Mota | January 02, 2019

As ‘content marketing' became a buzzword in India in recent times, most brands left no stone unturned to embark on the content path. compiles its list of favourite content marketing campaigns that will inspire the brands to do more of it in 2019

By Akansha Mihir Mota | December 26, 2018

Video for Sponsored Content to help marketers and businesses make the most of LinkedIn's targeting and measuring capabilities to effectively reach and engage with the right audience in a quality environment using video

By BuzzInContent Bureau | April 20, 2018

Indian marketers are now faced with the challenge of using tools to maximise ROI and gain a strategic edge over competitors. LinkedIn Content Marketing Trends are based on technological advances and driven by the rising class of astute content marketers

By BuzzInContent Bureau | February 16, 2018

74% Indian marketers plan to increase their budget this year, says LinkedIn survey

By BuzzInContent Bureau | February 12, 2018
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