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coto has collaborated with Collective Artists Network to understand and explore the possibilities that Web3 opens up for the creator economy, especially women, through coto Gains.

Through coto Gains (tokens), creators can benefit from economic growth and it helps empower women financially. This program will enable coto to give back to the community and establish a participatory ecosystem for its members.

This token-led partnership announcement shows that coto and Collective Artists Network are further strengthening their commitment to creator monetisation.

coto and Collective Artists Network are partnering to empower women creators and nurture their entrepreneurial aspirations. The new tokenized program enables the agency and creators to earn rewards while building the platform collaboratively. The program rewards members for their work and contribution. Members earn tokens by referring new members, content creation and engagement. They can redeem them for Fiat or access to new benefits and features.

In addition to receiving tokens, creators will also be enrolled in the Spotlight program. This program will offer both short-term and long-term benefits that help creators succeed with their communities.

As part of the new creator onboarding process, coto will provide personalised guidance to creators on how to create content for their communities. Creators will also receive marketing support through social media mentions, brand associations, press coverage, event partnerships, and a comprehensive approach to increase awareness of their communities.

Additionally, creators will have exclusive access to all the new commerce features being developed by coto, such as social, fan, and service features, and will be rewarded with coto Gains (tokens) through referrals on the coto platform.

Tarun Katial, Founder and CEO, coto, said, “Partnership with a purpose has been our mantra for growth. We are thrilled to collaborate with Collective Artists Network to provide a platform for women to build their communities and earn from them. This partnership not only creates a safe and responsible environment for women, but also empowers them through ownership and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to create a level playing field and offer women creators equal opportunities to succeed on the platform.”

Vijay Subramanian, Founder and Group CEO, Collective Artists Network, said, "At Collective Artists Network, we believe in growing the creator economy and that will only be possible if all creators are provided with equitable opportunities for them to showcase and monetize their content. We hope that our partnership with coto will amplify the voices of creators from different genres. Our new initiative aims to create long-term rewards for creators and encourage growth.”