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Engagement and advocacy platform Woop (Women of Opinion) has collaborated with Philips Avent, a parenting and baby products brand, to create the country’s largest community of pregnant and lactating moms.

Woop will help Philips Avent engage deeper with expecting and new mothers to help them understand the concept of assisted breastfeeding — where despite challenges, moms can continue to provide their baby the best nutrition with mothers’ milk.

With its proprietary technology powering the platform, Woop’s advocacy campaign will enable Philips Avent to reach out to millions of new mothers and pregnant women to educate them on the importance of breastfeeding and create awareness about the availability of products like breast pumps that can assist them in their endeavour to provide best nutrition to their baby.

Created by top lactation experts, the campaign will help the company to create a long-term, meaningful and insightful connection with moms. The education on breastfeeding and the benefits of mother’s milk in fun formats available on Woop will make learning more fun and engaging.

Speaking about the partnership with Philips Avent, Woop’s Co-Founder and CEO, Rashi Mittal Nair, said, “It’s great to work with clients like Philips Avent that understand that true consumer advocacy is not a short-term campaign but an ‘always on’ brand strategy. The Woop platform has been designed to identify, engage and leverage advocates on an ongoing basis in a scalable and measurable manner. Having used breast pumps myself when my daughter was born, I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for this product, I wouldn’t have been able to feed her for the 18 months that I did.”

Commenting on the programme, Pooja Baid, Business Head, Health and Wellness, Philips India, said, “Philips is committed to the cause of breastfeeding in India. Woop has given us a platform where peer support for nursing mothers and to-be moms will further drive awareness around the adoption of breastfeeding practices and the various solutions available to help prolong breastfeeding to the extent possible. This collaboration will also help us gain the scale we think this campaign deserves, and more importantly, we will be able to do it in a measurable manner.”

In a test run, the campaign witnessed mothers spending an average time of over 11 minutes with the brand. In addition, Philips Avent has also been able to drive actionable insights from the on-tap community they have built by asking for feedback in the campaign.

Moms on Woop can choose to advocate breast pumps via either sharing their stories on social media, having conversations on trusted parenting forums, creating content for the brand, or even convincing other new moms to use breast pumps. In the test run, over 50% of the moms helped spread the word and encouraged other moms to learn and try assisted breastfeeding; over 20% of moms created images, videos and stories around their experience of learning assisted breastfeeding.

Philips Avent plans to keep identifying, engaging and leveraging these advocates, keeping the programme ‘always on’. Campaign looks to reach out to millions of moms in the coming years. It has got off to a great start with over 30,000 moms already advocating the brand in just a few months of its first run.