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The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a boom in both video content consumption and accelerated the growth of e-commerce platforms deeper into India. However, even today, out of 572 million Indian internet users, only 8% (~105 million) shop online.

This huge gap is because of the lack of relevant lifestyle content and inspiration, including fewer product recommendations in their own language, which makes it difficult for the users to make purchase decisions.

The power-packed combination of video content coming from trusted faces (key opinion leaders-KOL) and the ability to buy products from them will solve these pivotal concerns for the next half-a-billion users who are coming online.

Trell, a lifestyle community platform, has announced that its social commerce ‘Trell Shop’ has been witnessing outrageous success within the first three months of launch.

KOLs on the platform are bridging the gap between brands and their potential customers by sharing their subject matter expertise and hence educating the customers about various products and services in their own languages. This enables users to make well-informed decisions and buy the products from within the platform.

Pulkit Agrawal, Co-Founder, Trell, said, “Our vision at Trell is to empower Indians to make better lifestyle choices. With social commerce, we are enabling millions of KOLs, across the country, to become micro-entrepreneurs and make a sustainable source of income by sharing their learnings and experiences with the community. More than 65% of the users on Trell are women and we believe that we can provide them with greater financial inclusion and economic empowerment in the society.”

“We are creating a D2C operating system, where brands have the capability to expand their reach to the deep pockets of India through the power of our KOLs’ content, in their own language. This will open them up to the opportunities of enhanced product discovery, curated personalised shopping experiences, and convert sales with our vast user base,” Bimal Kartheek Rebba, Co-Founder, Trell, said.