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Vimal Sumbly

Luxury premium motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles is successfully using qualitative real-time engaging content to generate sales and connect with its consumers.

“Content marketing helps us generate leads because the sales funnel varies from 45 to 90 days. Most of the people who buy our product know about the brand, product and are keen to read and compare. The come in contact with the dealership when 80% of the decision has been made,” said Vimal Sumbly, Managing Director, Triumph Motorcycles India.

According to Sumbly, in the luxury segment, people first buy the brand, then the product and then the experience. The segment being niche with a selective audience becomes tricky. Triumphcarries out digital and experiential content initiatives that create long-lasting impact. “Our challenge is to cater to the increasing expectations of our niche audience who is passionate about the entire experience of the ride,” he said.

Triumph Motorcycles hosts outreach programmes to connect with consumers riding on informative and engaging content with

“It is for the motorcycle enthusiast. It has good real-life stories to share with the motorcyclists of the world. Currently, we have eight bikers from India sharing their experiences on Yes, there is scope and we will further grow in India,” Sumbly said.

Talking about the brand’s approach for reaching out to its consumer through content, Sumbly said, “You have to talk about the whole experience of the brand and the product. We create stories about the rider, his passion, adventures and lifestyle to connect with customers on our social media platforms. We work a lot on experience because it’s all about a lifetime experience of the brand whether it is the ride, clothing, accessories, customisation or getting them an easy finance.”

“As a brand, we only engage. We do topical to connect with the customers, prospects and motorcycle enthusiasts consistently. Recently, we did a campaign andasked our fans on our social media platforms – What makes the Bonneville the iconic British Classic? 70% of the respondents are non-owners of Triumph, but they spoke much better than the owners of the Triumph Speedmaster,” he added.

Triumph does not associate with paid influencers. It wants motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the brandand share their experience with the rest of the world.

Luxury premium brands do a lot of brand endorsements with celebrities. Onwhy Triumph does not associate with a brand ambassador, Sumbly said, “We believe the Triumph motorcycle is itself a brand. So anybody riding a Triumph is a brand ambassador. They will speak about it because the brand they buy is the complete experience and they get it.”