Ariel, Quaker, Mankind Pharma put purpose at centre of their latest branded content films

Ariel has launched season 7 of #ShareTheLoad. Quaker has created long-format content ‘Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati’ to raise awareness around its ‘Bowl of growth’ initiative. Mankind Pharma has made a film in the honour of the Baisakhi festival

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Ariel, Quaker, Mankind Pharma

Delhi: In today's competitive marketplace, where consumers are increasingly mindful of the values and impact of the brands they support, purpose-driven branded content has emerged as a powerful strategy for companies looking to connect with their audience on a deeper level. 

Through storytelling, brands can humanise their messages, making them relatable and authentic. By tapping into universal emotions such as joy, nostalgia, empathy, or even sadness, brands can create compelling narratives that resonate with consumers on an emotional level. 

This week, Ariel, Quaker, and Mankind Pharma have heightened their emotive storytelling efforts in their latest branded content.

Quaker’s ‘Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati’ purpose-driven film

Quaker, the oats brand, through its ‘Bowl of growth’ initiative addresses the cause of child malnutrition through 3 key pillars – providing nutrition to children aged 3 to 5 years, educating parents/ caregivers and spreading awareness in the community. In a state where malnutrition is a cause of concern, this special nutrition-focused program was launched in pre-identified blocks of rural areas in Pune, Maharashtra.

To strengthen the pillar of community awareness further, the brand launches its first long-format content ‘Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati’. The emotionally evocative narrative not only supplements the nutritional needs required to address child nutrition but also weaves in elements of ethnicity and culture to forge a profound connection with the audience. 

Central to the film’s narrative is the tradition of Dohale Jevan, a revered Marathi baby shower held during the seventh-ninth month of pregnancy. Through this cultural nuance, the film poignantly highlights the significance of nutrition in a child's life, underscoring Quaker's commitment to ‘Poshan right, toh future bright’ (future is bright, when nutrition is right). It nudges the community to consider nutrition as an important aspect of a child’s growth.

Ariel’s Season 7 of #ShareTheLoad

Over the last 9 years, Ariel India has continuously sparked conversations around the unequal division of domestic chores within households and urging more and more men to #ShareTheLoad. As society progresses, men have increasingly recognized the importance of supporting their partners equally. Since Ariel began this journey in 2015, the percentage of men who believed that household chores, like laundry, are solely a woman's job has drastically decreased from 79% to 25%. However, acknowledging the need for further progress, Ariel is driving the conversation forward to encourage men to not only accept the physical aspect of household chores but also to act as a team at home to share the mental load. 

In Ariel’s latest film, 'HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad,' Ariel aims to introduce the notion of fostering a team dynamic within the household, reiterate household chores as a collective responsibility. Additionally, Ariel is urging couples to recalibrate their roles and responsibilities – can men handle both the mental and physical responsibilities of running the household in her absence? If yes, what stops from this becoming a way of life? This introspection is crucial in fostering true equality within households. 

Mankind Pharma’s Baisakhi film

Mankind Pharma has announced the launch of a film and initiative in honour of the Baisakhi festival. Titled ‘Sant Se Komal Hai Jo, Aur Veer Bhi Behad Prabal’ (संत से कोमल है जो, और वीर भी बेहद प्रबल), this campaign casts a brilliant spotlight on the remarkable narratives of selflessness, compassion, and historic valour of the Sikh community.


As the Baisakhi season unfolds, Mankind Pharma extends a warm invitation to audiences far and wide to embark on a journey into the heartwarming world of the Sikh community through their evocative film This initiative serves as a tribute not only to the vibrant cultural heritage of the Sikh community but also to their steadfast dedication to serving humanity in myriad ways.