Casio adds influencers from hip-hop, b-boying, rally racing, skateboarding to Team G-Shock

These influencers highlight how they have each transformed their passion into a career with their commitment to 'Never Give Up'

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Casio India, ‘Team G-Shock’

New Delhi: Casio India has launched a campaign with its newest members of Team G-Shock in India. 

Shubman Gill leads this pack.

The curtain was raised in August, last year when Gill was announced as the brand’s ambassador and unveiled the “Rise Above the Shocks' ' campaign with the GA-2100 series. 

In this latest edition of Team G-Shock India, the brand has extended the thought further by selecting people from the sub-cultures of hip-hop, b-boying, rally racing, and skateboarding. 

The new members include Harith Noah, a rally racer, being the fastest Indian at the international cross-country rally racing Dakar Rally; youngest mega rapper in the country, Paradox; the Skateboarding Crew, Urban Outlaws, featuring Sagar Waghela, Jay Singh, Nikhil Shelatkar, and Kushal Gaikwad; Arif Chaudhary (popularly known as Flying Machine), India's B-Boyer.

The campaign films aim to highlight how each individual has transformed their passion into a career with their commitment to ‘Never Give Up.’

Hideki Imai, Managing Director, Casio India, said, “It takes us immense pleasure to launch our follow up to ‘Rise Above the Shocks’ campaign with the TEAM G-SHOCK in India. As the brand continues to evolve, it is our steadfast endeavour to support and celebrate the young, talented individuals who fiercely embrace the ‘Never Give Up’ attitude, inspiring the Gen Z and Millennials across the country. The Team G-Shock individuals are the true flagbearers in their respective fields, representing individuality, pushing boundaries, and embracing freedom. We are confident that each individual’s unique talents and stories of resilience and triumph will deeply inspire and connect with the Indian youth, fostering a profound connection between G-Shock and its wearers. As Team G-Shock ventures forth, it embodies the spirit of a rising new India, where fearless spirit meets passion, toughness meets talent, and challenges are conquered with unyielding resolve.”

‘Team G-Shock’ Casio India