Bingo! Mad Angles ropes in influencers for that ‘extra mile’ of quirkiness

The brand has partnered with celebrity influencers Orry, the Enigmatic Hydroman, rapper Srushti Tawade, and singer-actor Sushant Divgikar to unveil a campaign featuring its new G.O.A.T Pack

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Delhi: Influencers and brands have been a saga since time immemorial. Especially when it comes to promoting a FMCG product in a competitive market. But with the rise in paid promotions and severe competition, it becomes imperative for brands to take their creativity up a notch. 

ITC’s Bingo! Mad Angles intended to do just that with its recent ad that unveiled the launch of its Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) pack. The campaign aims to showcase the product's dust-proof, drown-proof, and weather-proof features. Additionally, the campaign also included a specially composed song for the product.

In a bid to promote quirkiness, Bingo! Mad Angles had partnered with several influencers, including celebrity influencer Orry, rapper Srushti Tawade, and Hydroman to showcase the new GOAT pack.

Singer-actor, Sushant Divgikr, in his reel, titles the new pack the G.O.A.T pack for its ‘judgment-proof nature.’ In a similar vein, Preeti Sarkar, a Bengali influencer also launched a new pack with Bingo! Mad Angles. She celebrates the pack's "troll-proof" nature, which means that it can withstand any negative comments or criticisms.

With a quirky pun on introducing the GOAT pack amidst goats, quite literally, the brand’s ad film entwines the reach of influencers with the interactivity of user-generated content that asks consumers to reason out why they think this Bingo pack is the GOAT pack. 

Speaking about the new campaign, Suresh Chand, VP, Head of Marketing Snacks, Noodles and Pasta, ITC Foods, said, “With this new campaign and packaging, we aim to elevate our signature brand of humour and craziness to new heights. Through this campaign, we are increasing the humour factor to the maximum."

Two weeks ago, the brand also leveraged Indian consumers' love for all things Korean, from K-drama to K-pop to K-cuisine and teamed up with South Korean singer Aoora to launch savoury snacks inspired by the flavours of Korea. The chips were launched to the beat of Aoora's new song – Maeun Maeun, which means Spicy, Spicy in Korean.