34% prioritise long-form content for trust & engagement: Mavericks report

40% of Gen Z spends over 5 hours daily consuming content, showcasing their immersive digital engagement

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Delhi: Mavericks, an integrated marketing agency, announced the release of its latest research report, “The Attention Game.” 

The report delves into the evolving nature of consumer attention spans, revealing how they impact consumption habits and overall behavior.  This trend extends beyond content – it hints at a potential broader societal shift towards quicker, easily digestible experiences across various aspects of life.

The report is structured around three foundational pillars—Preferences, Value Derived, and Opinions.

Key findings from “The Attention Game” report include:

  • Trust in Long-Form Content: Consumers perceive long-form content as more accurate and reliable than short-form content. 34% of respondents find long-form writing more credible and engaging than any other format.

  • Mornings for Deep Dives: 23% of long-form content consumption happens in the mornings, suggesting a dedicated audience for in-depth reading at the start of the day

  • Long-Form Dominates Entertainment and Information: 41% and 43% of users prefer long-form videos and written-content for entertainment and information, respectively, highlighting a strong preference for engaging narratives

  • Gen Z's Content Marathon: 40% of Gen Z spends over 5 hours daily consuming content, showcasing their immersive digital engagement

  • Content with a Double Play: Marketers are encouraged to invest in high-quality, long-form content to establish trust and credibility, balancing it with short-form content to capture immediate attention

Chetan Mahajan, Founder and CEO of Mavericks, commented, “In a digital landscape dominated by quick snippets and fleeting impressions, our research underscores the enduring value of long-form content in building trust and engaging audiences. 'The Attention Game' provides a strategic roadmap for marketers to navigate this complexity, offering actionable insights that drive real-world results. At Mavericks, we are committed to helping our clients reach their audience and engage them in meaningful ways that foster long-term loyalty and success.”