AI will present as a double-edged sword in the ‘creatorprenuers’ economy: Godrej’s Sujit Patil

In an interaction with, Patil, VP & Head of Corporate Brand and Communications at Godrej Industries and Associated Companies, shares insights into the rationale behind the influencer hunt program and the evolving landscape of content creators

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Sujit Patil

Sujit Patil

Delhi: From the utilisation of visuals to the emergence of original talent, thematic storytelling, and the integration of AI/VR technology, Sujit Patil, VP & Head of Corporate Brand and Communications at Godrej Industries and Associated Companies, identified a spectrum of trends poised to redefine the creator economy. 

"We're witnessing the rise of 'creatorpreneurs' in India, a trend I anticipate will persist,” he added. Envisioning a landscape where genuine storytelling takes centre stage, resonating profoundly with audiences, he affirmed, "authenticity will be the cornerstone of success for creators."

As the creator economy continues to evolve Patil sheds light on the potential implications of the rise of Generative AI. 

"Although generative AI holds the promise of reforming content creation it presents a double-edged sword, with the potential to be incredibly positive or negative depending on the creator's intent," he stated

Godrej L'Affaire recently unveiled its "Godrej L'Affaire Select" program to tap into the rich talent pool of content creators residing beyond the major metropolitan hubs. 

He explained that this initiative stems from a recognition of Godrej’s vast consumer landscape, extending beyond major metropolitan areas. Patil highlighted, that with over 750 million consumers spread across various regions, Godrej perceives a significant opportunity to engage with content creators in smaller towns and villages. 

"We aim to handhold this talent pool by identifying and nurturing serious content creators with the potential to become national icons," he stated. The Influencer Hunt program is reported to have garnered an overwhelming response, with over 10,000 entries from 200 cities, towns, and villages across India.  

In the ever-evolving trend of content creation, Patil elaborated on the trend of hosting content creators at events, emphasising its significance in facilitating experiential engagements. 

“The world is moving towards experiential engagements and Godrej L’Affaire is all about experiential engagement. I am sure that this trend will gain more momentum because content creators are becoming a very powerful amplification tool for brands," he said.

Patil believes that effective brand collaborations hinge on finding the right fit. "Matching creators with their niche areas ensures brand messaging resonates authentically," he emphasised. Moreover, he underscored the importance of long-term partnerships, where brands and creators mutually benefit from sustained engagement.

Reflecting on the broader landscape of the creator economy in India, Patil envisions a landscape where content creators play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between brands and their target audiences. 

He foresees a shift towards hyperlocal creators emerging from smaller towns, equipped with the ability to communicate in local languages and resonate with their communities. 

Drawing parallels to the surge in demand for local news during the COVID-19 pandemic, Patil emphasised the importance of authenticity and relatability in content creation. "The future belongs to creators who embody authenticity, speak the language of their communities, and narrate stories that strike a chord with audiences," he said.

In navigating creative blocks, Patil believes that a multifaceted approach involves mastering one's niche, seeking inspiration from diverse sources, staying current with industry trends, and maintaining a learning mindset. 

Noticing some pitfalls in the content creators journey, he pointed out that the rush for views can lead creators to prioritise flash over substance. Similarly, hopping between genres can confuse your viewers, he added.

Since the company has associated with content creator Ranveer Allahbadia popularly known as BeerBiceps for the influencer hunt program, talking about his mentorship, Patil stated that Ranveer Allahabadia’s role as a mentor focuses on inspiring content creators. Ranveer's core responsibility as a mentor lies in motivating creators and preparing them for the inevitable obstacles they'll encounter on their path to success, he added.

Addressing the challenges and opportunities within the creator ecosystem, Patil underscored the need for a self-regulatory body to uphold industry standards. He emphasised that strategic partnerships between brands and creators are rooted in mutual values and a long-term perspective forms the cornerstone of sustainable growth. 

In conclusion, Patil highlighted the transformative potential of content creators in shaping brand narratives and connecting with diverse audiences across India. 

As the creator economy continues to flourish, strategic partnerships between brands and creators will play a pivotal role in driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty, he added.