Why Britannia’s Amit Doshi spells ‘De-influencing’ as ‘Di-influencing’

Day 2 at Goafest 2024 shed some light on the pivotal role of trust in navigating the digital realm; unveiling strategies for brands to foster genuine engagement, embrace consumer feedback, and thrive amidst evolving consumer preferences.

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Amit Doshi

Mumbai: In an era where de-influencers are increasingly disrupting consumer behaviours, Britannia’s CMO, Amit Doshi, redefines ‘de-influencing’ as ‘di-influencing,’ describing it as a different form of influencing.

Emphasising the fact that not everyone is going to promote the brand, he said, “If you go back to the basic measurement of customer satisfaction, there's the net promoter score, where you have promoters, detractors, and people in the middle. The real world and social media are much like that. Different opinions matter, and it's important that people find forums to express themselves. This helps consumers become aware of different opinions: the set of facts brands present and the set of facts content creators present.”

In the realm of digital marketing, where consumer interactions transcend traditional boundaries, the essence of trust emerges as a cornerstone for brand success. 

At the recent ASCI session during Goafest 2024, Doshi's elucidation of the transformative shift from unilateral brand communications to dynamic, two-way interactions resonated deeply with the audience. He remarked, "It's moved from becoming a one-way communication between brands and consumers to two-way." This profound insight underscored the seismic changes reshaping the marketing landscape.

Acknowledging the challenges and opportunities inherent in this digital metamorphosis, Doshi emphasised the paramount importance of trust as a sacred bond with consumers. 

"Every day is a fresh day," he noted, emphasising the daily diligence required to sustain trust amidst evolving consumer preferences.

Doshi's reflections on Britannia's journey epitomised the essence of trust-building over time. "For us, every such moment is still as important... because we've been able to deliver the same quality of products and the same experience for years," he shared, encapsulating Britannia's commitment to consistency and consumer satisfaction.

His perspective on consumer feedback as a catalyst for trust-building resonated deeply. "Consumers were always saying things about you... It's just that now it's an opportunity for companies to hear it directly," he observed, highlighting the invaluable insights gleaned from active listening and genuine responsiveness.