Celebrating motherhood, one creative narrative at a time

From acknowledging the woman's consent to be a mother to celebrating mothers who balance work and family, brands have gone all in to cherish the purity of motherhood

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Delhi: Mother's Day is around the corner and brands have jumped onto this bandwagon, parading around the world with creative narratives and empowering taglines for the woman who raised many stories beyond her own. 

From acknowledging the woman's consent to be a mother to celebrating mothers who balance work and family, brands have gone all in to cherish the purity of motherhood. 

BuzzInContent has curated work done by Archies, Onsurity, MediBuddy, The Body Shop, Swiggy, Prega News, Biba, Zomato and HDFC mutual fund. 

Swiggy captures siblings' efforts to delight their mother

Titled "Delighting Your Mom," the film revolves around the theme of siblings competing to delight their mom with special treats, all delivered through Swiggy Food.

Set within the heart of a quintessential Indian household, the film unfolds the narrative of a mother embraced in love and surprises from her adoring children. The film opens in a living room, where a mother is seen scrolling through her phone. Her son then surprises her with a chocolate pastry, followed by her daughter presenting a heart-shaped cake. The siblings exchange a knowing glance, and the competition begins. From photo cakes to cupcakes forming the word 'MOM,' the film showcases the siblings' efforts to outdo each other in making their mother feel loved. 


Zo-MAA-to celebrates Mother's Day with star-studded reminder film

The film begins with a light-hearted scene: a father films his daughter as he playfully chides her for missing Mother's Day. The mother embraces her daughter, soothing her with the words, "No worries, it's just Mother's Day." In a series of comic vignettes, one man mistakenly reminds another of the occasion over a misdialed phone call, while another character goes to the extreme of tattooing "12th May" on himself to ensure he won’t forget.

The content continues with a clip of "Chiku" hitting a cheeky 12 runs in a cricket match—a nod to Virat Kohli. It then cuts to Instagram star Arpit Bhala dressed as a quirky doctor and social media mogul Ranveer Allahbadia, aka Beer Biceps, humorously speculating if extraterrestrials honour their mothers.

Nana Patekar makes a memorable cameo, channelling his character from the movie "Welcome." The narrative wraps up with a final plea for viewers to mark their calendars via Zomato for Mother’s Day on May 12, 2024. Johnny Lever reminisces with his beloved line, "Abhi maza aayega na bhidu," from "Phir Hera Pheri," leaving audiences smiling and perhaps, a bit more likely to remember Mother’s Day.

Prega News acknowledges the choice of motherhood in family planning 

#LetThemDecide, Prega News' film, delves into the societal pressures faced by couples regarding family planning decisions. The film emphasises the significance of empowering couples to make deeply personal choices without external coercion or judgment.

Archies taps into mothers' selflessness 

The #MomNeverAsks campaign delves into the timeless truth that mothers seldom ask for anything, yet their love and sacrifices shape lives in profound ways. 

The film portrays a heartfelt conversation between a mother and her daughter, emphasising the importance of personal gestures and heartfelt tokens of appreciation. The daughter expresses her longing to express love for her mother beyond virtual wishes, highlighting the significance of tangible expressions of affection. 

Onsurity revives the art of handwritten letters with 'Dear Maa' 

In an age dominated by instant messages and emails, handwritten letters hold a unique power to convey emotions in a profound and lasting manner. "Dear Maa" aims to revive this lost art by inviting Onsurity employees to pen heartfelt letters addressed to their mothers. These letters, filled with love, nostalgia, and gratitude, serve as the centrepiece of the film, showcasing the deep bond between mothers and their children.

MediBuddy draws attention to #MaaKiSehat, appreciating them as caregivers 

Mothers are the cornerstones of families, often prioritising the health and well-being of their loved ones above their own. This dedication of theirs often leads to neglecting their own healthcare needs. The film shows compassion and beautifully captures the often-overlooked reality that mothers are the unsung heroes of healthcare within families. 

The Body Shop and Diana Penty celebrate mothers with British Rose range 

The film concept aims to capture the sentiment behind Mother's Day. It begins with Penty finding inspiration to craft a textured art piece, evoking memories of her mother delicately shaping a rose through her own artistic expression. As she works through the clay between her hands, memories of her mom's warm embrace and nurturing touch come flooding back. 

‘Roses are for moms,’ she claimed, cherishing the warmth, softness, and bliss that can only resonate from a mother. 

Biba taps into the "Kuch Nahi" selflessness of mothers 

The film has been shot and created in partnership with creative agency Famous Innovations, bringing to life the sentiment of maternal selflessness. It also features Indian TV actress, Shilpa Saklani.  

Biba's film aims to deliver what mothers express they need- “Kuch Nahi."

The short film captures everyday moments of a mother’s love and sacrifice. The film follows the story of a mother who effortlessly fulfils the needs of her family, always knowing exactly what they need, even without them having to share. 

HeroVired captures the pov of working moms with 'A Letter To My Child'

The film features real-life supermoms from Hero Vired’s learner community who penned heartfelt letters to their children reflecting the challenges these moms face while balancing work and family. These letters, filled with love and encouragement, embody a mother’s unwavering dedication to shaping their child's brighter tomorrow.

HDFC Mutual Fund honours mother's influence on children's lives

The film puts forward the message that just as children emulate their parents in various aspects of life, they are likely to follow suit in financial matters as well. By drawing parallels between parental influence and financial behaviour, HDFC Mutual Fund aims to inspire mothers to take the first step towards securing their family's future through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).