Content-to-commerce company Whoppl expands in global markets

The brand has forged strategic alliances with their counterparts, Hotice Inc. in Japan, Grown Media in France, and Kobe in Singapore

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Whoppl forges strategic partnerships with Hotice, Grown Media and Kobe

Delhi: Whoppl has forged strategic alliances with their counterparts, Hotice in Japan, Grown Media in France, and Kobe in Singapore. Serving as their only partners in India currently, Whoppl is committed to meet all their requirements in the market.  

The partnerships with entities in Japan, France, Singapore solidify Whoppl's position as a global player in the content-to-commerce space. This expansion is not just about supporting local influencers and amplifying reach; it's about fostering collaborations that transcend borders, giving Whoppl an opportunity to broaden its business and work with clients globally. 

Ramya Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Whoppl, expressed her excitement about this milestone, stating, "We see this as a strategic move to continue evolving our capabilities in the fast-moving creator ecosystem. Our vision is to create a truly borderless creator ecosystem, and these alliances mark the first steps towards that reality. We believe in the power of collaboration to elevate the influencer economy globally. Global expansion is a symphony of collaboration, where every partnership harmonizes to create a world where content and commerce intertwine seamlessly. We are extremely happy to operate on a global canvas, and we look forward to very exciting times ahead."

Evangeline Leong, Founder of Kobe Singapore, excitedly shared, “I believe this partnership in the creator economy holds immense potential for fostering innovation, diversity, and global reach. This opens doors to cross-cultural content that resonates with audiences worldwide, while also expanding creators & brand's access to international markets driving the evolution of the borderless creator economy. Together, Whoppl & Kobe's alliance paves the way for collaborative campaigns, innovative strategies, and the establishment of industry standards, shaping a more dynamic and inclusive landscape for creators and audiences alike globally.”


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