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Short-video apps have grown leaps and bounds in recent years and naturally have also caught the attention of marketers. However, the gap between the ad spends attracted by TV, other established mediums like Print, digital, and short-form content platforms is huge. 

In a bid to lessen this gap, ShareChat and Moj will focus on scaling creator commerce on the platforms, revealed Ajit Varghese, Chief Commercial Officer-ShareChat and Moj. 

Varghese was speaking at a panel discussion at GroupM’s Brew 2022 sessions titled, ‘How do you tell stories that are relevant to Bharat’. 

Upon being asked what will it take to get mainstream advertisers and retain them on the platform, Varghese said, “We cater to 350 million audiences across three apps. While it is true that 80% of spends goes to traditional, tried and tested places, but audiences have shown that they have moved away from the long-format.” 

“I think if you are putting 70-80% spends on tried and tested places it might be the biggest risk you are taking. This is because the consumer has already changed but you are not changing as fast.” 

Varghese further said that while advertisers are looking at short-video apps, it is equally important for them to get business results out of them. 

“To ensure that advertisers are getting business we are soon starting ‘Content to Commerce’. How can the audience purchase while watching content, or have exclusive access to some creator’s content? This is something we are working on and is the next roadmap for us,” Varghese said. 

Dalveer Singh, Head Experiential Marketing - Apac at WPP, who was also a part of the panel stated that many marketers are experimenting on these platforms. He said that most marketers invest 80% of their ad spends on tried and tested mediums. “10% goes towards experimenting with mediums. The remaining 10% of the spends is invested towards risk which needs to be scaled.” 

“So, while there are marketers investing on these platforms it's not necessary masses will notice,” said Singh.

“Right now, players are piloting. Once they see results, they will scale it up. All the active marketers are on vernacular video platforms. Because it is simple that the advertiser will go where the audience is,” he added. 

The panel further shared a few success stories of Moj creators, like Himanshu Srivastava who come from the ‘Bharat audience’ and have scored big brand deals through the platform.