10 top trending stories on BuzzInContent in 2019

BuzzInContent rewinds and reviews its most impactful and engaging stories in 2019 and compiles them for readers

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The year 2019 proved to be a great year for the content marketing and branded content. Content marketing, which was earlier seen as not so important part of marketing strategies, finally got its long-awaited due. We saw more and more brands riding on user-generated content, influencer-led content and web series. We even saw the rise of platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, which became a preferred choice for brand marketers.

BuzzInContent continued to put its best foot forward with its insightful and enlightening stories. Here is a list of stories that were highly impactful and caught our readers’ attention the most.

(A little gesture towards our valued readers welcoming the new year: the top trending stories have been made free to read.)

Commentary: Getting content marketing right in 2019

In this opinion piece, BuzzInContent Co-Founder and Editor Akansha Srivastava shared her point of view on the state of the content marketing industry in 2018. In the article, she chalked out the growth potential in 2019 for marketers, content creators and platforms.

ROI on content should not be a ‘one size fits all' but customised for the client and its purpose: Karthik Nagarajan of Wavemaker

In this interview, Karthik Nagarajan, Chief Content Officer at Wavemaker, discussed the growth of podcasts as a medium for brands to do content, OTT becoming an essential platform for brands to develop IPs and the role of digital agencies in catalysing content strategies.

Content distribution: No more the Achilles heel of content marketing

Not all brands understand the real art and science of content distribution. A lot of times, brands end up dumping links on social media, running ill-planned content on mismatched platforms and then hope to generate optimised return on investment. No matter how great your content is, without a proper distribution plan and strategy, it won’t reach your target audience. In this story, brands, content creators and platform owners discuss the right strategy that can help scale content marketing efforts.

Content marketing and the obsession of virality

When a brand talks about the success of a content piece, it mentions the number of views, impressions and altogether the virality aspect of the initiative. In this story, BuzzInContent explored why brands still chose virality as an impactful success metric for their content efforts.

We are continuously grabbing market share from incumbent media companies, say Pocket Aces Founders

Pocket Aces, India’s one of the most leading digital content company fetched a Rs 100-crore funding from Sequoia India, DSP Group, 3one4 Capital, and other prominent investors in 2019. In an interview with BuzzInContent, the founders of the content company, Ashwin Suresh, Aditi Shrivastava, and Anirudh Pandita, talked about their expansion plans, content strategy and perspective on the content marketing space growing in India.

When gut feel takes over data in content marketing

For long, experts had been arguing that data is the most significant creative tool to curate a good piece of content, with its robust feedback mechanism and measurability. But isn't gut instinct needed even to trust the data or reinterpret it differently? In the article, BuzzInContent.com deciphered the answer in conversation with industry stalwarts as they discussed why data couldn't be the absolute answer for the future, and where exactly gut feel takes over data in content marketing.

Here is how agencies can chip in to ensure a successful content marketing initiative

It is often said agencies — creative, media or digital — act as ‘couriers’, taking a proposal on behalf of brands and selling it to content creators, and are also limited by their ability to execute. Whether that's true or not, BuzzInContent.com spoke to content specialists to explore what role an agency can play in synergy with both brands and content creators.

Is it time for brands to have content specialists at CXO level?

Brands are spending big on content marketing so much so that for several new-age companies, it has become the cornerstone of their marketing strategy. However, despite increased spending and focus, the brands, especially legacy companies, are yet to realise that content marketing is poles apart from the traditional form, and letting it operate under the overall umbrella of the marketing, under the conventional CMO or the corporate communication team, isn’t helping them. In this story, experts tell BuzzInContent that it’s time for brands to have Chief Content Officers, given the importance of content is on the rise and in terms of ROI, it’s delivering even better results than traditional forms.

The subtle art of creating branded content that is unique to the brand and stands out in the clutter

It is imperative to create branded content that doesn't portray the brand in the face of the consumers, but it should also not be the case where it gets lost in the narrative. In the story, BuzzInContent.com explored the strategy of creating the right balance of brand integration in content that doesn't look like ads and remains unique to the brand and compelling to the target audience.

Can content creators and brands be long-time partners?

Long-term partnerships between advertising agencies and brands are a norm of sorts. But it is not the same when it comes to brands partnering with content platforms, content creators and content specialist agencies. BuzzInContent explored the reasons behind such short-term associations and the future potential.

BuzzInContent 2019 10 top trending stories