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Untold, 22feet Tribal Worldwide’s content platform, has teamed up with 101 India, a youth portal creating content aimed at urban Indian audiences.

Untold and 101 India seek out stories that have not been told, scripted or spoken: stories of survival, legacy, culture, history and more, brought alive through powerful narratives. The combined teams consist of television experts, filmmakers, writers, bloggers, animators and storytellers.

“This association aims to change the way the industry looks at branded content, by making craft and authenticity an integral part of online storytelling,” Untold said in a statement.

This synergy will give both the teams an opportunity to tell real brand stories, creating content that will push a brand’s message out to the consumers in various exploratory formats.

Cyrus Oshidar

Commenting on the partnership, Cyrus Oshidar, Managing Director, 101 India, said, “Young people today are exposed to over 500 messages from different brands. Not only are we competing with them for eyeballs, we are competing with the World Wide Web for time. To get our messaging to reach the right audience, it’s important that we cloak the brand in interesting content, ideally a combination of the two. With our experience of understanding and creating content for the millennials, we feel Untold is the right partner for us, where the story takes precedence over branding – a strategy that’s also been their key to success with both consumer and client. We look forward to working together and creating a narrative that is entertaining and relatable.”

Deepak Nair

Deepak Nair, CEO, 22feet Tribal Worldwide & Chief Growth Officer, DDB Mudra Group, said, “Untold, over the years, has curated content that is rooted in the real; creating unique brand experiences. The partnership of Untold and 101 India will further leverage this depth of knowledge and specialisation to create rich immersive content properties for our clients.”