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Last year, CNBC-TV18 collaborated with Diageo for its CSR Road Safety initiative. The main objective of the initiative was to educate people on road safety. CNBC-TV18 did it with quirky and minimalistic twist and turns, bringing awareness about safety through cartoons, memes and games. People tend to ignore the usual safety norms and so the publisher represented it with humour and made it eye-catchy.

All communication revolved around 'Drive Responsibly'. The campaign urged people in taking a pledge join the pact of responsible citizens. The platform created a website for people to take the pledge. 

The website:

Be it the depiction of 'One Life' through old arcade games or showcasing how Bollywood has gone wrong through their road safety violations, CNBC-TV18 leveraged the relatable moments and brought awareness to 'Road Safety'.

Being a CSR initiative, the publisher’s plan for a seamless execution included the appreciation of our everyday heroes and association with the bureaucrats. They thanked the police officers by an outdoor installation of a selfie point, urging people to show support towards the unsung heroes. The platform also launched a film thanking the police.

Thank you police film:

Diageo’s ‘Never drink and drive' mission was seamlessly integrated into all the communication. CNBC-TV18 partnered with celebrities and influencers for spreading awareness about road safety, leveraging Network 18's massive regional and national reach. The same approach can be applied to an F&B brand's CSR initiative.

The publisher and the brand strategised the distribution as follows:

Association with the bureaucrats, government officials, industry stalwarts and experts.

CNBC-TV18 and Diageo also associated with third-party creators like 'The Screen Patti’ and ‘Timeliners’ to promote the cause.

The brand also collaborated with comedian Gaurav Kapoor for a stand-up comedy gig to spread the message.

CNBC-TV18 made TV and film actors take the back seatbelt challenge showcasing its importance as part of road safety.

The publisher’s biggest achievement was the number of pledges that it received for 'Never Drink and Drive'. A total of 4.1 million people pledged to join the pact and drive responsibly. The overall awareness that the platform created had the following result — Views: 7.6 million+ Reach: 22.46 million+ Engagement: 0.5 million+ Digital Community: 0.1 million+

India is among the top 10 countries to have the maximum number of road accidents yearly. Considering the seriousness of this situation, the approach to convey the road safety awareness was communicated in a unique and unconventional way. This resulted in creating a humongous impact on people's perception of Road Safety.

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