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HDFC Bank Festive Treats 3.0’s non-intrusive, influencer-led festive campaign garnered over 80 million views and more than four million engagements with the help of 67 influencers across YouTube and Instagram. According to the content marketing agency, the campaign’s media value is pegged at around rupees one crore.

The campaign was conceptualised and executed by their digital creative agency, Kinnect.

HDFC Bank collaborated with Radhika Madan to create a reel that involved her dancing to the tunes of 'Lift Kara De', and passing on the Festive Treats logo, inviting people to participate and remix her reel. This reel was remixed by influencers from across the country, from various backgrounds such as celebrities, dancers, content creators, lifestyle, automotive, etc., who highlighted the possibilities of buying an endless range of products, thanks to the offers of HDFC Bank Festive Treats.

Radhika’s Remix Reel itself garnered 1.6 million+ organic views, 44 Influencers achieved 16 million+ combined views. Moreover, the brand received 700+ user-generated content on Radhika’s Remixed Reel which gained 22 million+ views.

On YouTube, the brand leveraged well-known native creators and subtly integrated the Festive Treats offers onto their content, without it being overly promotional. So, when consumers were watching their favourite trendsetter's video, a Festive Treats ad was added to spotlight a product in their video that consumers could buy through HDFC Bank's Festive Treats offers.

All the influencers are between the age group of 20 and 30. This works well for the brand as their product caters to people in the age group who tend to spend the maximum during the festive season and use the offers being offered by HDFC

The YouTube ads were hyper-personalised and contextual to the creators content that seamlessly plugged in the various offers under HDFC Bank Festive Treats. The campaign garnered seven million+ views on YouTube and included Vloggers across automotive, lifestyle, beauty, tech, food and travel segments.

The influencers’ posts:

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Ravi Santhanam

“We are in the third year of making the festive season bigger and better for customers with HDFC Bank Festive Treats. This campaign was another pillar in our strategy to ‘come back with a bang’ and we wanted it to be ground-breaking,” said Ravi Santhanam, CMO, Head - Corporate Communications, Head - Liability Products and Managed Programs, HDFC Bank. “In this edition of Festive Treats, we focused on banking solutions and stress-free loans that work in the favour of the end consumer. Coming back to the campaign – given the cluttered ad space during the festive season, we were able to break away from the rest of the field by being non-intrusive and native. This strategy allowed us to be at the top of customers' minds. With #KaroHarDilRoshan, we personalised promotions and made the decision-making process simple and intuitive.”

Chandni Shah

Chandni Shah, COO at Kinnect, said, “Festive advertising is a cluttered space, and so to be heard in the noise, we devised a campaign that created brand affinity and at the same time increased talkability. We focused our campaign strategy on being native and non-intrusive to users. Leveraging the two most sought-after digital platforms - YouTube and Instagram - we grabbed customer attention through the clever and seamless addition of our ads to their favourite creators' content, making it neither skippable nor missable. Additionally, we ourselves had so much fun executing this campaign that we were sure the audiences would love it too.”

The theme of this year’s Festive Treats - 'Karo Har Dil Roshan' reflects the belief that even the smallest of our actions can have a cascading effect and transform the lives of others. The bank has partnered with over 10,000+ merchants across 100+ locations to offer its customers an opportunity to avail fabulous deals specifically created for their personal and business needs.