Adda52's latest video with Harsh Beniwal achieves dual objectives

Beniwal created a content piece for the brand on Father's Day which fulfilled two purposes. First, just like other brands, the content was topical that built affinity. Second, it promoted the brand's month-long online tournament

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Gaming in general for India has generated a significant increase as more and more users have begun staying home and are looking for ways to spend time. According to AppsFlyer, the numbers are especially high in casual games where organic installs jumped 75% since a total lockdown was imposed and there was a dramatic rise in non-organic activity in mid-core games — a staggering 205% increase since March 13, 2020.

Gaming brands are making most of the situation. Most recently, Adda52 launched a month-long online Poker Series tournament, where winners can win prizes up to worth Rs 22 crore. It’s inevitable to promote the gaming series among the youth to garner maximum reach.

Amid the lockdown, Father’s Day came and another occasion for the brands to create content to make deeper connections with the consumers.

In an interesting and humorous influencer marketing initiative, Adda52 collaborated with Harsh Beniwal, who is known for his witty and funny content. Beniwal created a snackable comedy content piece on Father’s Day and subtly integrated the information around the tournament into the content without making it look overboard.

Like this, the brand was not just able to create a content piece around Father’s Day just like many other brands but was also able to promote itself through it.

His video promoting Add52:

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When people are stuck inside their houses and have to maintain social distancing protocols, it is better if brands create more and more light-hearted branded entertainment as consumers would like to consume content that helps reduce stress.

Beniwal has a following of more than 2.5 million people and most of them are youngsters, which matches the brand’s requirements.

According to Sheeko Brandscore, Adda52 was able to garner more than 1.9 million reach in an estimated media value pegged around Rs 25 lakh+GST.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram Between April-mid and June-mid:


According to the Sheeko graph, the biggest spike is visible during April 2020 when the brand promoted itself through Category A influencers and celebrities during lockdown with the #StayAtHomeEntertainment campaign.

Sheeko Brandscore graph over the past one year:

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