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In 2004, Adidas launched a year-long brand campaign ‘Impossible is Nothing’. The campaign brought to life the attitude Adidas shares with athletes around the world — the desire to push yourself further, to surpass limits, to break new ground.

The first video of the campaign featured the boxing legend Muhammad Ali and his daughter Laila Ali. The campaign featured 22 athletes in total, from various sports and regions, showcasing Adidas' broad involvement in sports and unique relationships with athletes. At that time, Sachin Tendulkar was onboarded as the face of the campaign from India.

Now, when we are living in unprecedented times, the brand has created an evolutionised version of the ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ campaign. The campaign is about rebellious optimism, rooted in the purpose of Adidas in the power of sports to change lives.

Told in the documentary style of home footage, the series provides a previously unseen side to some of the most documented individuals in the world, enabled via a powerful narrative delivered by friends or fellow athletes, and animated via resurfaced footage from the archives.

The episodic content series kicked off on April 19, with new stories dropping throughout Spring into Summer. One can watch the content on throughout 2021 and beyond.

The sportswear brand will launch 20 films in a phased manner, including those of Ranveer Singh, Hima Das, Beyoncé, Paul Pogba, Mo Salah and Siya Kolisi. Their stories will be told via a powerful narration brought to life through rare, home footage of some of the authentic stories in sport and sports culture around the world.

To Adidas, Impossible is Nothing is a way of seeing the world for what it can be, not as it is. It is an attitude shared by its community and its partners. Lifting the curtain on how powerful it can be, Adidas has launched its most ambitious content series to date.

Featuring previously unseen intimate moments, it follows stories in sport and culture, showing how optimism and action have shaped their lives. Exploring the future they imagined for themselves and making it a reality, the series celebrates the trailblazers that have made history on a global stage. More importantly, it aims to inspire others, empowering them by this collection of very human stories as a powerful demonstration of what optimism can achieve.

Hima Das saw the possibilities in being the first Indian athlete to win gold at the IAAF World U20 Championships, which inspires others to see the possibilities of globally succeeding in sport wherever they come from. An icon and a trailblazer in athletics, her personal win was also a win for the community she was raised in, and for everyone in the small towns of the world that are seeing the possibilities to create magic moments on a global stage.

Ranveer Singh, a Bollywood superstar and youth icon, saw the possibilities to cut through stereotypes and make it big while defying cultural expectations, which inspires a community of people to express themselves. Singh only sees open doors — and then blasts straight through them.

Beyoncé saw the possibilities of inviting all of us to find our voice. To use her platform as a stage to celebrate our differences with all people.

Demonstrating how this attitude lives within Adidas’ own DNA, several of the films explore what this means for innovative design — reimagining what a world-record beating distance shoe could be with the adizero Adios Pro, or how to help end plastic waste in collaboration with Parley’s CEO Cyrill Gutsch.

Brian Grevy Executive Board Member, Global Brands, Adidas, said, “Impossible is Nothing is more than a campaign – it’s our attitude. Seeing possibilities with optimism is key to achieving our purpose of changing lives through the power of sport. This attitude is what inspires us every day and is pushing us to build the future. Seeing possibilities is for everyone who wants to create a better tomorrow for all people.”