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Socxo, a Bangalore-based brand advocacy solutions start-up, has got the brand advocacy mandate of Aegon Life Insurance.

Aegon Life was seeking ways to increase organic content reach. While paid media is something they were already doing, they were seeking ways to increase trusted reach and awareness. Through employee advocacy, they would be leveraging the social networks of their employees to generate incremental reach and trust.

Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh, VP Marketing, Aegon Life, said, “As a business and brand we are constantly seeking new and innovative methods to add wings to our marketing initiatives while delivering benefits to our customers. By encouraging our charged up Aegon Life employee army, which believes in the brand, to communicate to their personal networks, we are looking at a way to increase the trusted and organic reach of our campaigns and content. We found the end-to-end attribution analytics from the Socxo platform an insightful way to measure what’s working and what’s not in our brand advocacy marketing.”

Sudarsan Rao

Sudarsan Rao, Co-founder and CEO Socxo, said, “In the BFSI segment, it’s not enough for brands to promote content. People trust people and trust in financial products is built by word of mouth. The millennials are the new target segment for financial products, they are more active on social media than traditional media, and hence brand and employee advocacy is a key channel to reach out to them to drive awareness and leads. We plan to help Aegon Life build a strong employee advocacy programme which will enable them to leverage the trusted networks of their biggest brand ambassadors -their employees.”