After Bournvita, FoodPharmer calls out Kissan and Maggi's sauces for high sugar content

Revant Himatsingka, aka FoodPharmer, has again posted a “review” of products offered by legacy brands- Kissan and Maggi

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Revant Himatsingka, aka FoodPharmer, who had recently gone viral for calling out Cadbury Bournvita for its high sugar content, has made another de-influencing video on the ketchups or tomato sauce being sold by prominent brands in India.

In the video posted on social media platforms- LinkedIn and Instagram, Himatsingka, pointed out that while the name of the product sold by Kissan is “Fresh Tomato Ketchup”, the reality is very different as the product package itself states that “This is only a brand name/trade mark and doesn’t represent its true nature.”

Moreover, a bit cheekily, the influencer added that the name doesn’t mean anything and is like Delhi’s IPL Team- “You can call yourself a Daredevil or Capitals, doesn’t matter. You’re still going to come last.”

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With this, he also went on to share a reference point to Kissan’s ad campaigns as well wherein the brand highlights how using the product helps one’s child to finish his tiffin and make friends.

“For every 15 grams, they have roughly 1 tablespoon of sugar. So, you may think that you may only have a little bit of ketchup, how does it matter? Hang on, just like everybody, they want you to use this not once in a while but with nearly everything. They want you to use this not only with snacks, but with sabjis, rotis, upma and even vada,” he says in the video. 

Furthermore, he also cited that as per FSSAI’s ingredient list, the ingredients are listed in order of weight and “Maggi’s Rich Tomato Ketchup has even more sugar than tomatoes.”

At the time this story was filed, the video had already crossed 518K views along with 47.2K likes and 896 comments on Instagram - whereas the same video, on LinkedIn, received over 131 comments and 104 reposts.

One of the LinkedIn users, mentioned, “Social media has given all the freedom to everyone to comment / review on everything. Food labels contain each and everything you are mentioning so you must educate people how to get maximum information from label rather than targeting any brand like this. Global brands are very much careful about consumer so I will suggest you to educate people other way around.”

Replying to the same, another LinkedIn user wrote, “Why are people against all things fun and add a lot to the taste? I mean seriously, off late I see this entire move against such things. Eat this. Don’t eat that. This is healthy, this is not healthy. It will be still palatable if it was specific to a product per se. But makes for better traction if the post can contain a leading brand/s.”

“This guy is blatantly gooding around the idea of free speech and when questioned legally, will conveniently remove the video with an apology. He was taken to task by Bournvita, it might be Kissan this time. It’s more like ‘FOLLOWERS KE LIYE KUCHH BHI KAREGA’,” another user commented.

It is to be noted that Maggi India's official Instagram handle posted a new video post Himatsingka's review video, wherein the brand unveiled an improved version of their product- Maggi’s Rich Tomato Ketchup. As per the video, the improved version of the New Maggi Ketchup contains 22% less sugar.

This is an indication that the brand had already been working on the product's content for quite some time now as the improved product has already hit the market.

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