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Rohan Tyagi

Artificial intelligence has long been stigmatised as the enemy of the workforce made out of humans. In reality, it was created to help people make decisions. However, this widely held belief is shifting as technology becomes more accessible. Today, AI frameworks are so ingrained in our daily lives that it is difficult to fathom life without them.

From our complex economic systems to our basic entertainment needs, we interact with AI systems in various ways. Some may argue that AI exists to replace human capital, but this theory appears to be a farce given that the basic idea behind its creation is to assist humans. For example, an AI program can create a database, allowing lightning-fast responses, streamlining work, and eliminating human error. There is no denying that the workings of an AI programme may be enigmatic to many, but the results surely simplify things for humans.

Therefore, since the entire digital ecosystem is integrated with artificial intelligence into their platforms and brands spend millions of dollars to make the integration sophisticated, content-creating platforms cannot be left behind, especially when entering a market like India, which has enormous growth potential.

According to a recent report by The Redseer Consultancy, the massive number of users on short-form video content platforms isn't going away anytime soon. It is expected to reach close to 600 million by 2025. These AI advancements have fuelled the content revolution, allowing platforms to establish a significant presence in India's tier 2 and 3 cities.

It won't be a revelation to say that Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in managing this massive influx of users and their data. However, AI programs help content creators to realize their full potential. As the percentage of total smartphone users who use short-form video platforms rises from 46% to 80%, AI technology embedded in content creation platforms will be at the forefront of this shift. This change will create new opportunities for platforms and creators, who will be able to reach a larger audience and explore various monetization opportunities with brands.

AI and Content Creation

The idea behind the development of AI was to delve deeply into human behavioural patterns, run complex calculations, and produce human-like solutions in a fraction of a second. Essentially, it empowers its users through automated tools and monetisation opportunities. As a result, many influencers from our country's most remote areas have emerged. Many creators not only made a name for themselves, but they also made money through brand endorsements.

Each platform has unique features, but the goal is always to make it easier to create and access content through various means, which include:

Automated audio-video editing tools- It is critical for a platform to address the needs of every potential user and design its platform accordingly. That's why some platforms provide AI-based video and audio editing options to their users so that the platform stays accessible to all. This feature has worked wonders for a country like ours, as a substantial portion of our population is not very tech-savvy. Such powerful tools, combined with their eagerness to learn new things, have allowed them to explore various avenues using only a mobile phone.

Content amplification- Some AI programmes are designed to examine content and user consumption patterns meticulously. They then use this information to multiply the reach of the content and deliver it to the audience that resonates with it. This analysis makes the situation pleasant for all parties involved, whether they are the platform, the creator, or the user.

Conversational AI- Very few platforms have been able to integrate Conversational AI. However, it's noble how it works wonders regarding comment moderation. It is the sole cause of amplified influencer-follower conversations, as it sorts comments based on relevance and the influencer chooses to respond to them with relevant content.

As we prepare to reach new heights in digital infrastructure, the scope of AI deployment will only expand. With the growing number of users on short-content platforms, there's a good chance they'll branch out beyond entertainment. However, creators will continue to see unprecedented success as the audience on these platforms will only rise in the coming times.