Alchemy Group's influencer marketing company Word to venture into talent management

The company will provide personal manager, admin, finance support and help with content development. It will provide solutions such as email handling, branded content, calendar management to all influencers on board

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Alchemy Group’s Word, an influencer marketing company, is aiming to grow its business by venturing into influencer talent management. The company is looking to launch Word Talent in the next quarter to focus on managing influencer talent end-to-end. The business will concentrate on representing influencers and will create a personalised six-pronged strategy for each one of them.

With Word Talent, the company plans to not just provide personal manager, admin and finance support, but take care of all content development. It will provide solutions for all influencers on board—from email handling to branded content, to calendar management. Word Talent aims to customise the plans depending on the influencer and their requirements.

Dharika Merchant, COO, Alchemy Group and Word, said, “We’ve seen tremendous growth and rise in the industry with more and more brands looking to work with macro and micro-influencers. As the industry continues to expand and with influencers working on multiple platforms, projects and clients at the same time, Word Talent will help manage and assist these influencers for better growth and more curated content. We plan to exclusively represent leading macro and micro-influencers, thereby expanding the business from just influencer marketing to influencer talent management. We are excited to see how the industry will grow even more in the future.”

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