Alibaba's UC Ads announce content marketing services for brands

Relying heavily on influencer marketing, the services include shopping recommendations, product review by vertical big shots, launch event live-streaming, constellation contest and other influencer engaging methods

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UC Ads, part of Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, has announced the launch of a bouquet of content marketing services for brands. UC Ads, the mobile marketing platform under UC, takes advantage of UC's local resources.

According to the 2019 Content Marketing report by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 57% of B2C marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase in 2019. As one of the significant means of content marketing, influencer marketing perfectly bridges the gap between consumers and brands. Unlike real stars, these online celebrities are active online, supported by fans and they interact with fans frequently, thus becoming a good output channel of brand value.

UC Ads develops marketing plans that conform to the characteristics of media and helps brand shortlist appropriate influential celebrities from the UC Influencer Network. The UC Content Lab provides entire process instruction as well as tools of trends index to assist the influencer to create content, with UC keeping close control. The content is put into the distribution platform so as to conduct precise interest targeting, to be distributed to the right audiences.

According to Morden Chen, General Manager, UC Ads, said, “UC Ads provides multiple influencer marketing methods, including shopping recommendations, product review by vertical big shots, launch event live-streaming, constellation contest and other influencer engaging methods. These interactive influencer campaigns allow content to be represented by not only graphics and text, but engagement. In a recent campaign of a smartphone launch, influencers led the launch conference with live-streaming and interacting with fans. There are also product unboxing sessions, test and reviews and other activities to show three-dimensional and perceptible products for the brand.”

Given the current situation of internet development in India, UC has also explored and established ecological methods. On one hand, UC Ads empower the advertisers and enriches the local mobile marketing solutions while on the other hand, it gives creators a corresponding platform with profit sharing -- encouraging and attracting more people to join in and continue the creation.

UC now seeks to transform and actively establish a content ecosystem. UC News, released in June 2016, with embedded information flow push in UC Browser products, officially announced the transformation of UC from a tool to a content platform, driving a change from people-looking-for-information to information-finding-people in India. UC launched mobile marketing platform UC Ads in 2017. Since then, UC's ecological portfolio in the international market has been fully formed. The three business sectors -- content distribution platforms UC Browser and UC News, application and game distribution platform 9Apps, and advertising platform UC Ads -- have respectively taken the role of content distribution, application distribution and mobile marketing platform in India.

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