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Instagram has announced that going forward new video posts which are shorter than 15 minutes will be shared as Reels on the platform. It has also announced the addition of other features aimed at allowing users to Remix public photos and dual-record video content on the platform.

As per a blogpost by the social media platform, with the update all new video posts under 15 minutes will be shared as Reels, however the earlier video posts will not be affected by this. Earlier, the maximum length of videos to qualify as Reels was 90-seconds as per the platform.

In case of a public account, the Reels will be shared and recommended so as to enable discoverability by a wider audience, the blogpost suggested. This won’t be applicable if one’s account is private and only the individual’s followers will be able to view them.

The platform said that with the goal to make Instagram more fun and collaborative, it has added news features to the Remix section- which allows one to tell stories on Instagram while collaborating with other creators and friends.

As per a blogpost by the platform, Instagram users will also get an option to easily create reels by preloading audio and clip placeholders, and then adding their own photos or videos under Templates.

Further, users will also be able to record content and their reaction at the same time. The Dual feature will allow users to record using the phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously to share another perspective using the Instagram camera.

Instagram also announced that going forward users will also be able to remix public photos.

It will also enable users to choose between different screen frames, be it a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or picture-in-picture reaction video while commentating on existing Reels.

Instagram has also announced that with the new update, the social media giant will consolidate the Video and Reels tab into one section in the user’s Profile, so as to create one home for all the videos uploaded by an individual.