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Alpenliebe has always been a fun brand, and sticking on with the brand personality, it has launched fun Augmented Reality (AR) filters on Instagram stories. Promoting their newly launched Alpenliebe JuiCyfills, the campaign is shared with #FindYourSharartiFilter along with the fruit candy’s tagline ‘Shararat ka phal meetha bhi hota hai’.

The campaign has a call to action inviting Instagram users to participate in a contest where one can win an Amazon voucher worth Rs 1,000. This gets Alpenliebe more visibility on the platform as more people would follow their Instagram page and share it on their profiles/ stories.

Taking on board actor Sameera Reddy and YouTuber Srishti Dixit, the campaign has a real touch with them bringing out their inner child and urging us to do the same. Reddy features in the video with her son Hans Varde and we can see them having a fun time with the filters. Dixit makes the most of the filters to create a comic narrative.

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Shared on Instagram and Facebook, the influencers work well for the brand as both bring different kinds of following with them. Reddy is a mom influencer with many kids’ moms following her and they would thoroughly enjoy taking part in such challenges. Meanwhile, Dixit is a comic influencer whose follower base includes teenagers and youngsters who would also like to take part in such a contest.

This association was crafted by Wavemaker India.

AR filters have taken off in India in a big way this year. Many brands have started cashing in on the virality of face filters by creating their own custom AR filters for Instagram Stories. These filters work very well for brands because, in order to access the filter, users either need to follow the brand on Instagram or at least visit the profile to try it out. If a user has shared the filter on their story, their friends can also try it. Thus AR filters are designed for virality and provide a huge growth opportunity. Brands like OnePlus, Swiggy, Puma, PepsiCo, Mondelez and Vivo have used them earlier. However, we are yet to see a toffee brand launching a filter of its own and that too with a fun contest.

Also, as evident from the content marketing agency Sheeko’s activity graph, Alpenliebe has been moderately active on digital platforms in the past one year, but after coming up with this campaign, there has been a significant rise in their numbers.

According to the data shared by Sheeko, the campaign is estimated to reach over 10 lakh people in a media value pegged around Rs 9 lakh.