Animeta onboards first set of exclusive creator partners

As per the company, the creators it has onboarded have a total monthly viewership of 1 billion+ and a cumulative subscriber base of 50 million+

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Animeta, the AI-powered creator tech company, has announced the first set of its Animeta exclusive creators.

The company, which began operations a month ago, said it has onboarded creators whose total monthly viewership across social media platforms is 1 billion+ and cumulative subscriber base is 50 million+.

Content viewership has witnessed a change in recent years, as there is a strong focus on meaningful value from the content viewed, instead of passive, meaningless viewing.

With that view, the company is focused on key 16 content categories which make up over 80% of social media viewership. The first set of creators features five of these categories - including automobile, travel, people and vlogs, science and facts, and food and drink. 

Digital content creators face multiple challenges - including a lack of structured banking and financial assistance, no proper creative and production support, no business intelligence to grow scientifically; and thereby the market stays unorganised and does not produce many professional creators.

Most creators are hobby/passion creators turned into circumstantial entrepreneurs. Management of all of these aspects of the content business is a daunting task for the creators. 

“Reinventing themselves in every new video is a constant challenge that creators face,” said Devdatta Potnis, CEO Animeta. “We are developing a content strategy engine to primarily address that creator problem. We come on board as exclusive partners, providing the entire media, brand, strategy, financial and content muscle so that the creators can only focus all their energies only on the one thing they love to do which is creating content.”

The first list of Animeta exclusive creators include - Lakhan Rawat and Neetu Bisht Rawat of the Lakhneet Vlogs fame, an Indian couple who love to prank each other, create daily vlogs with their family and give couple goals to their audience; Faisal Khan - Founder of Motorbeam and FK-R, India’s first automobile creator; Gaurav Thakur, Indian YouTube Educators, the founder of GetSetFly Media, widely known for his authentic content around Science, Space, Technology & facts; Manoj Malhotra an avid traveler and vlogger who has covered 50 countries in the last 14 years and is known for his YouTube channel - Travelling Mantra and one of India’s biggest food channels FoodieWe, created by the trio Onkar, Mukti and Gautam, who create playful and energetic content around food challenges and contests.

“We intend to bring about a meaningful difference in the lives of the Animeta Exclusive Creators while taking them multi-platform. Each of the creators comes with a unique edge and Animeta will ensure that we make them grow holistically,” said Animeta COO, Vipasha Joshi.

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