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Ariel India has been advocating for gender equality at home for seven years now, through its award-winning movement #ShareTheLoad. Their latest edition #SeeEqual has so far received over 50 million views.

To drive the #SeeEqual message even further, Ariel India and Disney+ Hotstar have collaborated to curate a selection of movies and shows that break the bias on the stereotypical representation of women characters.

This list of content brings about narratives, characters and situations that represent women in a more accurate manner, breaking stereotypes and taking charge. Be it about an equal partnership between a man and a woman, or a husband that shares the load to support his wife’s career, or even a princess who takes charge and rules her kingdom effectively, the collection of content is truly progressive. The list has been authenticated by Akshara Centre, a not-for-profit women’s organisation and resource centre working for the empowerment of women and girls for the last two decades.

This year, Ariel is raising a pertinent question – “If men can share the load equally with other men, why not with their wives?”. The protagonist in the film represents the mood of many women around, where they are impatient at the pace of change, and therefore are demanding to be seen as equals with a direct question - Do you see me as your Equal? Because we know that when we #SeeEqual, we #ShareTheLoad equally.

With the belief that representation can either reinforce or challenge stereotypes, this is an initiative to put out more equal, progressive content as an enabler for families to take inspiration from positive imagery and stories.

Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India and Vice-President, Fabric Care, P&G India, said, “Over the last seven years, Ariel #ShareTheLoad has sparked conversations to address the inequality in the division of household chores. This year, with the message to #SeeEqual, we want to bring to light the unconscious biases, stemming from decades of conditioning, that come in the way of us all sharing the load equally. To accelerate change, it is important we reinforce positive imagery that promotes gender equality and shatters stereotypes. We are happy to partner with Disney+ Hotstar to put out a curated list of films and shows that portray strong women, progressive circumstances, and equal relationships. Do check out the See Equal and #ShareTheLoad collection.”

Nandita Shah, Co-Director Akshara Centre, added, “We are happy to join #SeeEqual as it resonates with what Akshara Centre has been working towards for more than two decades. It is indeed challenging to build conversations on gender equality in an atmosphere where sexism and objectification are normalised and reinforced rampantly in popular media. In this partnership with Ariel and Disney+ Hotstar, we would like to substantiate a few movies and series that have begun showing positive portrayals of women. We invite the audience to join us in changing the negative narrative and making the switch to positive depictions. This will enable us to take stronger steps towards gender equality.”

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