Avail of immediate multiple returns on BuzzInContent Awards 2021 entries

The final deadline to enter the awards is November 8, 2021

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Entering your path-breaking work for the BuzzInContent Awards 2021 isn't all about trying your luck just once.

Every entry made will earn you a long-term relationship with the platform that will bring unlimited opportunities for knowledge and fame.

Here is how you will get multiple returns on every award entry you make.

1. Every entry in the BuzzInContent Awards 2020 will earn a COUPON that will be eligible for a 50% discount on the annual subscription. The one-time valid COUPONS will be sent to you through email after entering the awards.

So, when you are sending 10 entries, you will be eligible to buy 10 subscriptions at half the cost for your team, helping them to remain up-to-date with all the insights into the world of content marketing.

Brands, agencies and publishers spend lakhs of rupees taking courses in content marketing. One can just subscribe to BuzzInContent to learn the art of branded content, content marketing and influencer marketing from its library of 2,300 articles. BuzzInContent publishes two premium articles each week, one article every week that analyses branded content through the lens of culture, and several stories on influencer marketing.

One might argue that why buy a premium subscription for BuzzInContent when there are several blogs on content marketing present online? The answer is that BuzzInContent is the only B2B news platform in the world that has real practical perspectives of marketers, agencies, creators and publishers on content marketing, branded content and influencer marketing. It isn’t just another blog. It’s a place where one can stay updated about everything latest in content marketing in India.

2. Every entry will also be eligible to be featured in the Case Studies section of BuzzInContent.com, which is the most popular free-read section of the platform. Please be assured that our editorial team will do so only after a go-ahead from you. The platform’s case studies section garners a massive amount of reach and time spent, depicting how content practitioners want to spend time understanding content-led campaigns in deep. We understand brands, agencies and creators put a lot of effort into creating a campaign. And why shouldn't one be elated if there are people willing to read about the strategy deployed behind the making of a campaign? Sometimes, it may even get converted into more business.

We had earlier mentioned the Top nine reasons to participate in BuzzInContent awards, and it is time to ENTER NOW with these two more reasons.

Go for it before you miss the deadline of November 8, 2021.

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