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Bangalore-based backpack startup Arctic Fox and Delhi-based branded entertainment agency Humour Me has released a 3D animation film ‘Dive In’. The film resonates well with the brand ideology about chasing one’s dreams with relentless optimism.

Instead of creating a tactical brand film, Humour Me chose to bring the brand’s mascot to life, and highlight the brand’s philosophy in the journey that the film’s protagonist takes.

The film is set in the arctic tundra, and centres around an arctic fox with a dream to catch an elusive lemming that always seems to be just out of reach. The fox attempts to catch the lemming many times but is unsuccessful. However, it continues to persevere in spite of being faced with enormous challenges with potentially disastrous consequences.

The Film:

Dhruv Sachdeva

Dhruv Sachdeva, Founder and CEO, Humour Me, said, “The best ideas are the ones that are the simplest. Given that our brand name is Arctic Fox, which could be quite alien to an Indian audience, we wanted the brand’s purpose to really resonate with our key target group. The Arctic Fox is an animal that continues to ‘dive in’ till it succeeds, despite the odds. It is relentlessly optimistic. We believe this is the defining factor behind anyone who is truly successful. The best way to instantly emotionally connect with people was to bring our brand ambassador to life.”

Created in four months, ‘Dive In’ emphasises the importance of resilience and determination. The use of animation allows for audiences to truly empathise with the characters, thereby allowing the brand to connect with its consumers on an emotional level. The film allows audiences to understand the brand’s philosophy through meaningful, heartfelt content that not only generates high recall, but also encourages viewers to face their fears, take the plunge, and dive into their dreams.

Sridhar Thirunakara

Commenting on the film, Sridhar Thirunakara, Founder & CEO, Arctic Fox, said, “Arctic Fox as a brand has always encouraged its consumers to relentlessly chase their dreams, and we position our products as conduits to those dreams. This film is thus the proud flag bearer of our ideology. Dhruv and his team from Humour Me have always done exceptional work building the brand Arctic Fox from the day one and this film.”