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Baggit has launched a digital campaign to promote its new re-positioning. The repositioning exercise is driven by 0101 who will handle their communication and the digital performance and Martech operations.

The world of fashion advertising across brands is indistinguishable from one another as they mostly rely on the glamour of a celebrity to make the brand advertised trendy, fashionable and aspirational, but very similar to one another.

This campaign challenges the fashion advertising norms. It plans to focus on real women – its customers - rather than selling its features and designs philosophy.

The brand said that it has witnessed over 3X growth in its online business over the last two years in addition to running a strong, growing and profitable offline business. 

“We recognise that our customers are very resilient and digitally savvy and the new campaign celebrates the resilience in everyday women and inspires them to do more”, said Nina Lekhi, Managing Director and Chief Design Curator, Baggit.

She added, “Baggit is a home-grown fashion brand which prides itself on its solid base of loyal customers. We want to be a customer-centric company and are willing to challenge any norms that can take us towards our objective”.

Nagarajan Subramaniam, the brand and business consultant, commented, “Baggit is always seen as a classic fashion brand with high quality and very good durability. It has successfully met the challenge of all its major competitors dumping cheat imported products on the Indian market. Our typical patrons are ordinary women doing extraordinary things under difficult circumstances in life. The new digital campaign is a celebration of the spirit of resilience of the brand and its millions of customers and truly inspirational.”

The campaign includes brand videos, social experiments and other new content formats that are aimed to drive the digital conversation.

Mahuya Chaturvedi, CMO and Head of Online, said, “We realised that in this evolving environment, we need to recognise and celebrate our customers – who are doing extraordinary work almost on a daily basis. We wanted to celebrate their resilience.”

Ajay Verma, Managing Partner, said, “Our focus was our core customer, the woman who tirelessly does her everyday work with lots of grit and determination without expecting anything in return. It’s their superlative resilience that makes them a superhero, who has not been celebrated - hence we decided to celebrate real-life stories.”

The campaigns: