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Bharti Axa Life Insurance, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA, has announced details of its new organisation purpose - ‘In a complicated world, we make insurance simple’ and ambitions for the future. The company started its transformation journey last year to establish itself as a challenger brand and laid down the foundation for a clear 5-year roadmap.

Bharti Axa Life’s new purpose emphasises that one of the most powerful ways to engage with customers and gain brand preference is to move beyond profits. Today, customers are no longer making decisions based solely on product selection or price; they’re assessing what a brand says, what it does and what it stands for.

To extend its purpose of simplifying insurance and providing innovative solutions to consumers, Bharti Axa Life has partnered with Ankur Warikoo, who is the co-founder of, an angel investor, entrepreneur, educator, and influencer to launch a six-part knowledge series – ‘Plan Smart With Ankur’ aimed at answering key consumer questions around life insurance, simplifying financial jargon and helping Indians make smart financial decisions.

Through this video campaign, Bharti Axa Life and Ankur Warikoo will engage, spread awareness, and educate consumers on the need, importance, and the key factors to keep in mind while selecting life insurance. The campaign aims to address all pertinent questions that still seem to confound consumers.

Parag Raja, MD and CEO – Bharti Axa Life Insurance along with Ankur will be answering key questions asked by viewers over the course of this series.

Through this campaign, Bharti Axa Life Insurance aims to extend its purpose and engage with millions of Indians across digital platforms on the importance of life insurance.

Warikoo’s post on LinkedIn about the series:

The first episode:

Raja said, “We are living in unprecedented times. The need to be conscious and wary of our physical and financial well-being has never been more crucial than it is now. Evident through this video series we have commenced with Ankur Warikoo, making insurance simple to understand can lead to greater insurance penetration in the country. At Bharti Axa Life, we take pride in going the extra mile to understand the challenges and experiences that people face in terms of financial health and planning and believe that this association would help us drive an extensive awareness campaign on the need for insurance.”

Warikoo said, “With this initiative, we aim to draw focus towards everyone’s role in achieving a healthier and financially secure future. I personally believe that before investing anywhere else, one should invest in life insurance to secure future risks. Through this series in association with Bharti Axa Life as my knowledge partner, I will be answering the most basic questions people have around life insurance. It is essential to spread awareness about the importance of life insurance, especially during the uncertain times that we live in. We would like to raise the bar on insurance awareness by making insurance simpler for people.’’

“The insurance industry is full of jargon and terms and conditions. This has made the consumer averse to the category. Further, the lack of understanding of the need and benefits of life insurance acts as a key barrier to purchase. With this partnership with Ankur Warikoo, our objective is to ditch the jargon and answer key questions around life insurance in the most simplistic manner possible. We believe the campaign will help Indians, especially millennials, do well-rounded financial planning,” said Geetanjali Kothari, Head of Marketing, Bharti Axa Life Insurance.

In a press statement, Bharti Axa said, “The company’s new purpose and values are at the heart of the brand manifesto ‘Do The Smart Thing’ which empowers the new-age consumers to deal with unpredictability in achieving life goals and assists them with solutions to choose certainty when it comes to planning for life’s big goals.