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MensXP teamed up with one of India’s biggest digital content creators Bhuvan Bam to talk openly about the various misconceptions and cultural tropes that men fall prey to, as part of the brand’s #DontManUp campaign.

MensXP and Bhuvan Bam released a video, where the star of the digital content scene is reciting a heartfelt piece to highlight the insurmountable pressures that are created in the lives of men from an early age.

The video:

The #DontManUp campaign has been launched to question several outdated expectations, and to encourage the modern man to embrace their vulnerability with an open heart and utmost sincerity. The exclusively digital campaign promises thought-provoking content and conversations, with many influencers partaking in the exercise.

Speaking on this month’s MensXP cover, Bhuvan, said, “There's a lot that men have on their plates, from small expectations like ‘men don't cry’ to it's the primary job of men ‘to run the house’ etc, so many times we find them knowingly or unknowingly suppressing their emotions and grief. While society thinks it's not very ‘manly’ to have a breakdown or be expressive of negative emotions, it's high time we speak about the elephant in the room and make expressions of grief okay, irrespective of the gender.”

“Personally, it's a matter of great satisfaction that MensXP continues to champion its core agenda despite scaling at a rapid pace over the last decade. Our #DontManUp campaign, this International Men's Day, is more than just another piece of content. It reiterates our commitment to building India's biggest community for men. We're deeply passionate about creating impact by raising awareness around key issues, starting meaningful conversations, and building safe spaces for men, a reflection of which is visible in our special digital cover with Bhuvan," MensXP Founder, Angad Bhatia, said.