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BigBang.Social, a Collective Artists Network initiative and Under 25 Universe, a youth movement platform that creates specifically curated experiences for India’s young teens and adults, have partnered to launch Student Creator Fellowship (SCF).

Under this initiative, aspiring creators will receive training and guidance on creating valuable content as well as learn the importance of discoverability and monetisation while creating or conveying content.

SCF aims to provide students with the ultimate platform to showcase their talent and find their guiding light, it was launched in an online event – ‘Kick-off Festival 2022-Road to Reality’ at the start of the New Year.

The event housed 250 participants, also known as Resident Creators (RCs), who got the opportunity to interact and learn from BeYouNick – a big name in the YouTube comedy scenario in India, Raashi Sood - the young voice behind ‘Mil Mahiya’, and Prapti Elizabeth, the actress who takes on serious issues with her punchy humour.

The session brought with it a sense of value as it had Dhruv Chitgopekar, the Co-Founder of Collective Artist Network and COO of BigBang.Social, and Anto Phillip and Shreyans, the CEO and CRO of Under 25 respectively, speaking to the participants.

"The journey of finding one's creative voice starts early, practically when one is a student. We're thrilled to be co-creating this fellowship with Under 25 which will identify the brightest young sparks across India and guide them towards self-expression and possibly, a rewarding career. BigBang.Social will unlock its network for mentorship to the student fellows as well as open monetisation opportunities through our array of brand and media partners. Brands will be able to drive their messages over 500 unique voices representing 180+ cities whilst the student creators will get to pick and choose campaigns that excite them. We can't think of a more powerful way to boost both the creator and consumer economy", Chitgopekar said.

Philip said, "SCF is the beginning of taking Student Creators very seriously and the impact they are going to have on the overall creator economy is immense. Students are the digital natives and empowering them with the right tools will birth the Student Creator Economy and we cannot wait to see that unfold through this fellowship. Glad to have partners like Big Bang Social who understand the vision, the dream and the commitment to back it 100%.”

SCF will propel, enable and inspire creators to explore and broaden their perspectives while working with content.

It will be instrumental in showcasing the power and potential of the youth in turn, making them central to the Student Creator Economy.

From a brand perspective too, the fellowship will offer remarkable advantages as it will unlock several hyperlocal marketing opportunities for brands and drive value by leveraging young voices to opinionate. 

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