Bingo!'s latest content initiative is bang on clutter-breaking during lockdown

People who missed being with their loved ones or some special moments due to the lockdown shared their disappointment over video calls and this was when actor Ranveer Singh surprised them by joining them on call with #BingoConnecting

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Bingo!, the snacking brand from ITC Ltd., known for its unconventional, clutter-breaking, youth-centric, witty communication that takes consumers on an adventurous ride of flavourful content, recently created exhilarating moments for fans.

Bingo!, along with brand ambassador Ranveer Singh, took the onus of spreading some cheer among people whose spirits were dampened during the lockdown. Those who missed their birthday celebrations, graduation ceremony, planned vacations, upcoming retirement, much-awaited wedding or meeting their beloved decided to share their disappointment through chats and discussions over video calls with their loved ones when Ranveer surprised them by joining their video call with #BingoConnecting.

The video:

The ploy planned and executed between Bingo!, Ranveer and a knowing friend or relative, led to a bag full of emotions as Ranveer Singh suddenly appeared in the video calls and cheered them with a quirky Bingo! moment. In times of adversity, the brand and Ranveer quickly changed their disappointed mindset to a happy one, filled with quirk, mirth, and laughter with ‘Kuch na kuch jugaad to nikal aayega’ as its core sign-off.

According to ITC spokesperson, “Bingo! is a youth-centric brand and Ranveer Singh, with his personal quirk and positive energy, is synonymous with the brand’s endeavour to find humour and keep spirits up. With a little fun and surprise, our aim was to delight and celebrate special occasions with individuals during this lockdown. Ranveer surprising them by joining their video-calls hopefully created a memorable experience for each of them even during social isolation. Our belief is that such precious moments should be celebrated while fun and excitement can be found even in the ‘new normal’ which we have been able to translate well through our initiative and the video truly captures that.”

Elaborating on the concept, Muki Sablania, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy said, “So, everyone had their own way of getting through the lockdown. Some indulged themselves in cooking or learning an instrument while there was a section that sulked over their failed plans. We saw plenty of them sulking on the internet over their cancelled travel plans, postponement of wedding, graduation, you name it. So, Bingo! wanted to bring a bit of cheer on their faces and what better than a random surprise by none other than Ranveer Singh. He was sweet enough to be a part of this Great Surprise Plan and he did manage to catch them off-guard and bring that much-needed smile on their faces.”


Production House: Charcoal Films

Director: Luke Sydney

Executive Producer: Ruby Thakur

Music Director: Raghav Mehta

DA: Omkar Kulkarni

Casting Director: Ashish Kumar

Casting Assistant: Sagar Seth

Editor:  Harsh Saraiya

Sound Engineer: Nakul Pardeshi

Accounts: Sappac LLP, Ashutosh Kotian & Rushabh Mehta

Chief Creative Officers, South: Kiran Anthony and Mahesh Gharat

Group Creative Director: Muki Sablania

Creative Team: Harshad Salian, Prem Tyagarajan, and Soumil Nigam

Account Management: Mahesh Menon, Priyank Vaghela, Shreyas Upadhya and Neil Mascarenhas

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