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Bombay Shaving Company launched a campaign video #AllGuysAreThe Same on International Men’s Day, which highlights generalisation and attempts to break the gender stereotypes associated with men.

In the video, the brand has tried to get closer to the truth by interviewing 9 real men and 8 real women and asking them questions about men. The difference in the unfiltered and heartfelt responses of these men and women highlight the misconceptions about men in our society and reveal that all guys are not the same.

The video:

The film also attempts to reveal the truth about men, their struggles, insecurities, vulnerability, and stacks of self-doubt while yearning to show compassion and empathy for their inner self. It ends with presenting an alternative view of men - unique individuals in themselves.

Shantanu Deshpande, Founder and CEO, Bombay Shaving Company, said, “Men in our society are often perceived as having the same personality, characteristics and belonging to one brigade. We at Bombay Shaving Company are always striving towards thoughtful and culture shaping meaningful narratives. Therefore, this International Men’s Day, as India's conscious, progressive, and premium men's grooming brand, we are trying to represent progressive masculinity and bring out the unfiltered and honest version of men. We believe that all men are unique individuals, and we love to make products for every kind of man”.