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It generally happens that brands choose influencers based on the kind of audience type and reach they have. For example, a technology brand will choose influencers whose audience wants to consume tech-related content, food bloggers and influencers will have a following of people interested in food-related content. In the same way, different brands collaborate with different influencers in fashion, sports and other categories according to suitability with the audience.

Brand Factory is organising Free Shopping Weekend sale from December 4-8, 2019, and has brought on board influencers to promote the sale. An interesting angle to the brand’s influencer marketing strategy is that even after being a fashion brand, it has roped in influencers from different regions, reach, gender and audience type and has not limited itself to just fashion influencers. It has influencers with a respectable following, ranging from 20,000 to one million.

These influencers are seen promoting the event and inviting the public to book the passes using hashtags #freekabukhar #freeshoppingweekend.

Instagram posts by influencers:

Click on the Image to view the Post.
Click on the Image to view the Post.

Brand Factory’s strategy here is that when it comes to raising awareness at a mass level, one has to stray from the path of the regular influencer marketing strategy of choosing influencers based on relatability, reach and target audience match.

This strategy of having influencers from different regions and field has fetched the brand instant awareness for the sale. In an estimated media value of Rs 10 lakh, the brand has garnered an audience reach of more than eight million people.

Sheeko Brandscore graph:

From the Sheeko graph, it’s visible that brand did small campaigns in October with a campaign reach of <100K but this time for the sale, they targeted a high mass reach.

Sheeko Brandscore history graph:

Sheeko history graph shows that in the past one year, Brand Factory has been engaging in influencer activities as one can notice spikes in several months and most of them are after April 2019.