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Just like every time, brands tried to put their best foot forward this year too to celebrate Father’s Day and connect with consumers on an emotional level. Due to the impact of the second Covid wave, several brands resorted to animated videos and user-generated content on social media.

This year’s campaigns were dominated by the BFSI category. While a few brands went for regular themes such as the father-children bond, dad as a dependable person and taking equal responsibility of kids, several companies opted for storylines revolving around the present situation and how dads turned into heroes for kids and society to fight the challenges thrown by the second Covid wave.

Below are a few campaigns that stood out:

SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa digital film

Recognising the larger role played by fathers towards the family and society, this Father’s Day, SBI Life Insurance released a heart-warming digital film depicting the emotional and protective side of a father towards his evolving responsibilities amid the pandemic. Conceptualised by WatConsult, the digital film shows the bond between a father and a young boy with an emotional twist in the end.

The digital film:

ICICI Lombard’s digital campaign #NibhayeVaade

ICICI Lombard’s digital campaign #NibhayeVaade encourages fathers to take the pledge of safety by wearing the helmet while riding a two-wheeler at the behest of their loved ones. The campaign is an extension of the insurer’s sustained communication around its ‘Ride to Safety’ initiative. The campaign depicting a conversation between a son and his father is conceptualised by SS Studio Films (ShootingStarz).

The film:

Acko General Insurance’s Father’s Day film

Acko General Insurance’s Father’s Day film conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Mumbai is a light-hearted take on how the bond and care remain unchanged even though the roles change over the years. The film opens with the father noticing a broken rear-view mirror on his car. Upon stepping inside the house to find out how it happened, he encounters his daughter, who wishes him a Happy Father's Day and offers him a gift to appease him. Unimpressed, the father asks his daughter for an explanation. All this is witnessed by the grandfather who steps in to cover for his granddaughter but instead ends up blowing his own cover. This is followed by a heart-tugging, emotionally charged sequence that shows how the care of a loved one lasts even when the roles change.

The film:

JioMart’s #BeDadToDad campaign sensitises fathers on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Through the film, JioMart has started a positive and important narrative that talks about the lifestyle of the man of the house. It is seen that usually, fathers neglect his wellbeing, as he hustles between his daily work and taking care of his family. JioMart has taken this insight and fabricated a cause marketing approach with purposeful communication and a thought leadership perspective.

The film:

Dhara’s #HappyNewFathersDay campaign

Dhara urges consumers to legally adopt and support unaccompanied children in this pandemic. Showcasing the joy of parenthood, the digital film subtly conveys a father’s love for his adopted daughter, encapsulating the emotional connection beautifully. The digital film by Dhara edible oils takes a leap from its brand proposition of ‘Zara Sa Badlaav’ of bringing a positive change in life. The film is also about bringing in the same ‘Badlaav’ while ushering in positivity in our society and encouraging prospective parents to adopt children left stranded in this crisis. The film is made by DDB Mudra North.

The film:

Tring’s Father’s Day video with Viswanathan Anand

Tring’s Father’s Day video has released a video featuring former chess champion Viswanathan Anand sending his wishes to a father on behalf of his son and daughter. The clip sees the son capture his father’s reaction on seeing ‘Vishy’, his idol, on a TV screen conveying his deepest regards on Father’s Day on behalf of his two children. It takes little or no time for his face to light up and be completely star-struck, as he watches the sporting legend present him the gift of a lifetime.

The video:

Mamypoko pants #PapasWhoKnow campaign

Diaper brand Mamypoko pants’ Father’s Day video titled #PapasWhoKnow highlights the fact that in modern society dads are today equally trying to involve themselves in raising the child. The short ad film reinforces the fact that fathers actively want to contribute to the child’s growth and development just as moms do, and help them by doing it together. As mothers are also busy either working or contributing to households. The campaign has been executed and conceptualised by Grapes Digital.

The video:

Cars24 campaign Kyuki Papa Sab Jaante Hain

Cars24 campaign Kyuki Papa Sab Jaante Hain, through a poetic video, celebrates the man who doesn’t wear a cape but is our eternally favourite superhero – the one we can always fall back upon. The video starring actor Varun Sharma, the Hindi film industry’s go-to guy for comedy, is a representation of the bond children share with their fathers; especially when you sat on the driving seat of a car for the first time and he was there to give you the much-needed confidence or when you broke his car’s windows while playing cricket and he pretended he didn't know it was you who did it. He’s always there, making you feel safe and secure.

The video:

Voltas #MahaAdjustableDads and Voltas Beko’s ‘Dad is Not a Superhero’ campaign

Voltas campaign #MahaAdjustableDads salutes all super cool dads who have kept their calm in pressing circumstances and have supported their children through all the phases of their life. From helping their child ace their driving lessons to giving useful tips on relationships, these dads have been flexible when it is needed the most. Conceptualised by Ogilvy, this DVC sends out a message that gives you a glimpse of a sweet and sour relationship between a father and his child. The campaign is created by Ogilvy India.

Voltas film:

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Voltas Beko’s Father’s Day film is an effort to embrace the caring and protective side of fathers and their contribution to their families. This campaign, ‘Dad is Not a Superhero’, is an initiative to demystify the larger-than-life tags given to fathers. It is based on the observation of how a child’s relationship with the father changes and evolves with age.

The film:

Luminous Power’s #DadHeroes campaign

Luminous Power Technologies' campaign #DadHeroes puts the spotlight on how the role of fathers has evolved over the period of time. The video showcases how modern-day dads have been breaking all the stereotypes, starting from helping with household chores to cooking meals to contributing to childcare activities. It highlights the transition from strict traditional fathers who were primarily focused on providing financial assistance to today's expressive and caring fathers who enjoy spending time with their children. Recognising and acknowledging their efforts, the film also extends a beautiful ode to all the super dads. The campaign is created by AutumnGrey.

The film:

#SamajhdaarLikePapa campaign for IDFC Mutual Funds

Hotstuff Advertising produced an animated campaign #SamajhdaarLikePapa for IDFC Mutual Funds for Father’s Day. In the communications produced so far in the BFSI sector, a father has generally been portrayed as a man with financial responsibilities. However, the IDFC campaign brought out the emotional side of our fathers through their animated video. The video talks about how we come across incorrect and negative information in the current pandemic situation and how our fathers have always given us sensible advice to be on the correct path despite such misinformation.

The film: