Brands bank on branded content to pay tribute to the spirit of fatherhood this Father's Day

BuzzInContent showcases how brands touched upon different elements of fatherhood through branded content for the occasion

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Father’s Day is observed on the third Sunday of June every year. Just like every time, brands tried to put their best foot forward this year too to celebrate Father’s Day and connect with consumers on an emotional level. While a few brands went for regular themes such as the father-children bond, dad as a dependable person and taking equal responsibility of kids, several companies opted for storylines revolving around how dads turned into heroes for kids during the challenging times.

Below is the list of branded content pieces that caught BuzzInContent’s attention.

Humanitive’s #Papa Ne Sikhaya Tha

Humanitive launched the #PapaNeSikhayaTha campaign this Father’s Day that highlights one of the most fundamental values a father teaches his children, like kindness. Giving them a Humanitive Gift Box for Father's Day allows one to make a donation on their behalf to one of its partner non-profits, a subtle way to express gratitude for life lessons learned.

The advertisement is focused on a father's feelings towards his children, as well as understanding and pouring love on him through presents.

In this video, Humanitive emphasises that parenting is a full-time job that should be recognised and appreciated by everyone. The campaign emphasises the significance of a father's involvement in the lives of his children and family.

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Tendercuts’ #MADEBYDAD 

With a digital film featuring cricketer Dinesh Karthik and chef Sanjay Thumma, TenderCuts, the omnichannel meat and seafood direct-to-consumer business, celebrated Father's Day. While honouring a father's efforts, the digital film also generates a sense of nostalgia.

Cricketer Dinesh Karthik shares a short tale about his understanding in a video made by the D2C brand TenderCuts.

Every year on Father's Day, he recalls his father preparing Mutton Biryani for the family. This year, he intends to follow in his father's footsteps by creating a delectable Mutton Biriyani. Dinesh Karthik continues in the video by stating that he bought fresh mutton from TenderCuts that was antibiotic-free and had the FSSAI and other safety certificates in place, as well as being freshly cut only.

Pampers’ #ItTakes2 

Equal parenting has been proven in numerous studies to be a positive and enjoyable experience for both parents and the child. Pampers has been advocating the strong message of #ItTakes2 to raise a baby for years, and it continues to shine a light on the inequity in our culture and the advantages of equitable parenting.

The brand is breaking societal norms in its third version of the campaign, with its latest heart-warming film, which urges new parents to be more active in childcare on a regular basis.

The film debunks the conventional belief that caring for a baby is only the responsibility of a mother and urges fathers to take charge and leave no room for regret when it comes to bringing up their children. The film's tagline #BaapBannaPadtaHai (One must ‘be’ a father), highlights the need for new fathers to participate equally in parenting from day one.

Archies#Papa Chahe Jitna Gussa Karlein

Archies, one of the key players in the social expression business, commemorated Father's Day by dedicating a digital campaign across their social media platforms, underlining fathers are always thinking about their children, family, and their future.

The campaign is designed around how a father is always worried about their children and their future. They keep pushing the children for the best.

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Lifelong Online and Alright’s #Match Date With Dad

Alright, the entertainment vertical of Rusk Media, recently released a Father’s Day campaign video, “Match Date With Dad”, in collaboration with Lifelong Online, an innovative appliances solution provider. The heart-warming video is an ode to the father-son relationship in the modern world, where today’s generation finds it difficult to spend time with their parents.

Capturing the essence of a son’s bond with his father, “Match Date With Dad” also reiterates the fact that though we are absorbed in our work routine we must not miss the precious moments of spending quality time with our parents. The episode also allows relatable avenues for brands to connect with their target audience.

Ceat’s #OneManManyRoles

Ceat launched a new campaign - #OneManManyRoles - to celebrate the various roles fathers play to ensure their child is always safe.

The short video depicts the various hats that the caring father of a little daughter wears, both literally and symbolically. The film includes various father-daughter encounters, such as the father chauffeuring her as she continues her shopping spree and nervously waiting outside to pick her up after a late-night party, or being a sleuthing parent who is curious about her date's name. When she comes up short in a competition, he encourages her to try harder, shares her excitement when she succeeds and is simply there for her at every turn.

Johnson’s #PapaOnDuty

Johnson's has presented the wonderful moments of actor Karan Patel with his newborn girl Mehr and their new routine.

On workdays, Karan prepares his day so that he doesn't miss his routine playtime with his newborn child. It also contains poignant moments, such as Karan describing massage time as their favourite.

Kotak’s #DadMySuperstar

Featuring Jugjeet Singh, Kotak Business Banking has released a heart-warming short film, an entrepreneur and father to Bollywood icon Ranveer Singh. In this candidly shot film, Jugjeet opens his heart about how his relationship has evolved beautifully over the years with Ranveer, the actor who is known for his power-packed performances on the silver screen. The film goes beyond Ranveer, the actor and shows us Ranveer, the son. The film showcases how Ranveer values his core support system - his family - above everything.

SBI Life’s #PapaHaiNa- ‘Papa Ki Nayi Kahaani’

SBI Life Insurance, this Father’s Day, is encouraging fathers to make the big leap for their passion, simultaneously as they take care of the family’s needs and thereby, motivates fathers to pursue their dreams with great determination and conviction. This is showcased in the newly launched digital video campaign – ‘Papa Ki Nayi Kahaani’ which is a part of the company’s annual digital property #PapaHainNa. Weaving in the brand purpose, ‘ApneLiye, ApnoKe Liye’, the company also aims to ignite the act of balancing their life by being zealous towards their dreams while they stand strong for their family.

Biryani By Kilo’s #HandiKhushiyonKi

Biryani By Kilo launched its digital campaign #HandiKhushiyonKi as an ode to the spirit of fatherhood. The campaign is conceptualised and designed by BEI Confluence.

The film rekindles the age-old adage – actions speak louder than words. The film is a collection of wonderful little moments that capture the essence of being a father.

Highlighting how dads often shy away from voicing their love, but express their feelings with sweet little gestures, the campaign brings alive relatable moments that make a father-child relationship memorable.

Boutique Living

On the occasion of Father’s Day, the brand has released a heart-warming film centred on how fathers leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of happiness for his child. They may not exactly take centre stage when it comes to matters of the house, but what goes backstage is endearing and worth a thousand encores. The topical conveys the message which is relevant in today’s times in defining the relationship children have with their fathers.

UltraTech’s #WohJoHumeBanateHai

#WohJoHumeBanateHai campaign has been created and theorised by Infectious Advertising, addressing the role that a father plays in building his character and guiding him in his biggest ambition, which is in line with UltraTech being an apt home building companion to Individual Home Builders (IHBs).

The campaign highlights the uncompromising, unwavering guidance and support of fathers that have prepared the next generation to be what they want to be; showcasing the fact that building great things require a guiding hand.

Jivraj9’s #SangharshKaSaathi

Tea brand Jivraj9 launched a social media campaign encouraging youth to spend more time with their fathers and to have a dialogue with them. The campaign is based on the lack of time and increasing disconnect in the father-children relationship. It has been conceptualised by Zero Gravity Communications, the integrated communication consultancy.

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Augmont Gold For All’s #SoneKaSona on this Father’s Day!

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Augmont released an informative social-experiment short documentary starring fathers from all walks of life addressing their need to invest in Gold SIPs. Based on a social experiment interviewing a professor, author, corporate professional, single father and a middle-class father, the chronicle showcases how fathers across professions and pay scales have benefitted by investing in the lucrative yellow metal. Author Akshat Gupta is also one of the respondents in the social experiment.

Himalaya BabyCare’s #HeroOfEveryHome

Himalaya BabyCare launched a video on Father's Day which gives us a peek into the special bond and the beautiful moments shared between a father and his child.

Himalaya BabyCare has captured the emotions of love and togetherness between a father and his child through this video.

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