Brands give a wake-up call to consumers on World Sleep Day

From anthems to films and short-form social media content, here's how brands like Noise, ZzzzQuil and Duroflex celebrated World Sleep Day

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World Sleep Day is celebrated on the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox each year. This year, it was celebrated on March 17, 2023. 

Recently, we have started seeing brands who have anything to do with sleep (even remotely), gear up their marketing strategy to engage with the audience contextually. 

This year, walking the talk was D2C brand Wakefit, which declared a holiday for its employees on World Sleep Day.

Not staying back in the race to bank on the occasion, were some brands that released digital content to engage with the consumers and talk about the importance of good sleep. 

BuzzInContent has selected its favourite brand campaigns that stood out this World Sleep Day. 

Yashraj Mukhate and Vicks ZzzQuil's new sleep anthem

P&G’s sleep aid brand ZzzQuil celebrated World Sleep Day via a quirky campaign aimed at promoting the importance of sleep and helping consumers establish healthy sleep habits. The brand collaborated with internet sensation and music composer Yashraj Mukhate who created a special sleep anthem for the audience.

The video posted by Yashraj, shows how a person is constantly tired and unable to concentrate when he has not gotten proper sleep. He feels rejuvenated as soon as he starts consuming Vicks ZzzQuil Natura to get good sleep.

The brand has also announced prizes for consumers making a reel on the same. People from all walks of life - including influencers and celebrities have joined ZzzQuil’s #BetterZzzBetterMe campaign and groove to Yashraj’s ‘Dhinak Din Sleep anthem’.

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Noise’s  #GetYourEight campaign

Noise, the lifestyle tech brand’s campaign #GetYourEight is a visual reminder of what your day will look like sans eight hours of sleep. The social media campaign shows a video of a person walking around lifeless and exhausted like a Zombie, emphasising further what one will look like without eight hours of sleep. 

The campaign, currently live on Instagram with a mix of reels and quirky posts around sleep, is a gentle reminder to get your eight hours of sleep. Furthermore, sleeping for the recommended number of hours is vital, but what’s even more vital is how well you sleep. It specifically entails determining how peaceful and restorative your sleep is which can be determined by the duration, continuity and depth of sleep. Noise, with its smart wearable technology, helps users track and improve their sleeping patterns and sleep cycle. 

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Duroflex’s ‘India’s Sleepiest Page’ digital campaign

The era of high-speed internet has brought forth a lot of things. It has made things that seemed hitherto unattainable, possible. With content available in multiple formats and at one’s fingertips, content consumption has increased too. But on the flip side, content consumption in the late evenings and before bedtime has led to delayed and disturbed sleep. In order to address this issue, this World Sleep Day, Duroflex, launched the campaign, ‘India’s Sleepiest Page’, to continue its commitment to helping India sleep better. The brand brought on board footballer Sunil Chhetri, to help spread the message of adopting a good sleep routine.

As part of the campaign, the brand hosted a series of content on its digital platforms to help the audience wind down and prepare for a good night's sleep. 

The campaign is built on 3 digital films in which one can see Chhetri talking about how consuming exciting content is not going to help people sleep and that they should rather watch him do some unexciting stuff that will not energise their brain at bedtime, instead helping them wind down.

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