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There can’t be a better opportunity for education brands to engage with their target audience than Teacher’s Day, which is celebrated on September 5 every year. The common theme for this year’s Teacher’s Day campaign was gratitude towards the teachers and parents, who have selflessly devoted their lives to the betterment of students and children. 

Other than education brands like Teachmint, Byju’s, Navneet Education, Extramarks and Newton school, Himalaya Babycare and Godrej & Boyce also thanked the contribution of parents for being the first teacher in a kid’s life. 

Let’s take a look at BuzzInContent’s top 7 picks of this year’s Teacher’s Day celebration by brands. 

Teachmint’s special tribute on Teacher’s Day

Teachmint, the education infrastructure start-up, released a film that puts the spotlight on school management and encourages them to celebrate their teachers. For decades, Teachers’ day puts the spotlight on the respect and bond between student and teacher. This year, Teachmint has given a voice to the emotions and gratitude which the school management feels for their teachers, or as they say the ‘heart of their school’.

Set up in a studio, the film captures three candid interviews of school leaders like principals, owners and administrators, who share what a day in the life of teachers looks like. From managing students, lesson planning, and parent engagement, to contributing to administrative tasks and keeping operations running, teachers don many hats which makes them the pillars of strength of a school.

The film:

Navneet Education’s TrForTeacher campaign

The company launched #TrForTeachers, a campaign to honour teachers with the title of Tr before their names. The campaign is conceived and executed by FCB Interface. The campaign revolves around a social experiment where people are asked to name the most and least important persons among a panel of four professionals by looking at their names. Three of the names have titles of Dr, Capt and Justice and are hence deemed more important than the fourth one; an elderly lady with no title to her name.

It’s then revealed that she’s a teacher. And not just any teacher. But the one who taught the Captain, the Judge, and the Doctor. And once the respondents discover this, they have a very different opinion. The film then urges viewers to join Navneet to help recognise and honour teachers with the title of Tr, since teaching is the profession that makes all professions.

The film: 

Himalaya BabyCare’s Teacher’s Day film

The brand has launched a video on this Teacher’s Day celebrating every parent as the first teacher in a child’s life. The video gives us a sneak peek into the special bond and beautiful moments shared between the parents and their kids as they work towards shaping a better future for them. The contribution of every parent to a child’s life is indisputable. The initial nurturing of every kid takes place at home where our parents teach us the right way to live. 

The video has depicted how while growing up a small child follows every action of their parent showcasing an eternal bond of love, friendship, trust, and faith. It is a 60-second short video to educate the audience that “our parents are our first teachers”. 

The film: 

Newton School’s #CareerKaCompass

Newton School, an edtech platform that helps students upskill and become software developers, launched an ad campaign called #CareerKaCompass that digs deep into the student-mentor relationship. It's a heart-warming take on how mentors and teachers serve as a guiding light for students' professional and personal journeys, assisting them in reaching their goals.

Newton School has attempted to portray the importance of mentors in a student's life through this ad film. In this film, the journey of students at Newton School are portrayed, emphasising on the role of mentors in this ecosystem. Becoming a software developer is not an easy task, let alone landing a job in an established IT firm. The aim of this campaign is to highlight how mentors are a constant presence in a student’s life, through failures and learnings, and the ultimate success. 

The film:

Extramarks’ #SikhaoSukoonSe campaign

The brand has released a new film titled #SikhaoSukoonSe, featuring teachers employing Extramarks – The Teaching App for school and classroom activities. The film displays a modern view of teaching and emphasises how The Teaching App aids teachers in the teaching process, skill building, and professional development. With this campaign, Extramarks encourages a much-needed conversation to make education powered by innovation and advancement to ensure that teachers are supported with adequate technology tools and resources to improve classroom learning outcomes.

 The campaign is conceptualised by Social Panga and executed by The Yellow Shutter.

The film:

Godrej & Boyce’s film 'A Report Card for Teachers'

Conceptualised and created by Creativeland Asia, the film features students from Godrej Udayachal School demonstrating gratitude towards teachers for going the extra mile during the pandemic to ensure that their learning continued unhindered. 

The light-hearted film shows the students’ gratitude for their teachers by giving them a report card highlighting specific incidents in the most heart-warming manner. They scored their teachers with big smiles and even bigger scores for their great presentations in every class, monitoring 60+ screens during exams, getting the help of a pet to teach them, conducting online sports day event, listening to them, and even accommodating grandparents and siblings in the classroom. 

The film: 

Byju’s ‘Student forever’ film

For some, learning is a journey with multiple pit stops but no destination. They learn something new at every turn, with the flip of every page, on a cold night, or a tough day. The film celebrates the biggest student through it all, the one that never stops learning - a teacher.

The film throws light on the effort that teachers put into staying up to date and learning themselves. It sends the message that in order to teach students well, teachers become students forever too. Conceptualised and created by Byju’s in-house creative team, the film shows the seldom-seen life of the teacher beyond the classroom.

The film: