Brands pay ode to teachers and mentors on their special day

While it is expected of education brands to create content on such an occasion, other players also took Teacher's Day as an opportunity to engage with consumers. BuzzInContent lists its favourite campaigns

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India holds an important place in the global education industry with one of the largest networks of higher education institutions and a fast-growing ed-tech market. The pandemic acted as a buoyant force for the ed-tech industry to flourish and for traditional education brands to reinvent. With so many names around, the competition makes it hard for brands to stand out.

On Teacher’s Day, an opportunity not to be missed, education brands came up with campaigns to engage with their consumers and make an impact. Brands from other categories such as banking and IT also came up with campaigns to connect with consumers on Teacher’s Day.

BuzzInContent lists some of the best Teacher’s Day content-led campaigns:



LaunchMyCareer has joined hands with Merakii to launch a heart-warming Teacher’s Day campaign, #MyTeacherMySuperHero. The campaign is dedicated to teachers who are the guiding light of our lives, as well as our career journeys. At every step, we look up to our teachers to know the right from the wrong, to learn invaluable life lessons. Teachers put in a lot of effort, hard work, and resilience in building our lives and moulding our unique success stories.

The film:



ClassPlus’ video campaign Guru Dakshina offers a token of gratitude to all the ‘gurus’ for their invaluable lessons and contribution to their students’ successes. The campaign focuses on an ancient Indian tradition of repaying one's teacher as a manner of expressing heartfelt gratitude when one's education is completed. Education went through a paradigm shift in the last couple of years due to the advent of technology and pandemic-induced lockdowns. Schools, colleges, and coaching institutes became virtual and teaching started happening over video calls. It was a sudden change, one that left a lot of teachers who didn’t know how to navigate online teaching baffled and dispirited. The video depicts one such teacher who is depressed at the prospect of never being able to teach again since he has never embraced technology for online teaching. He is all set to leave the town where he taught thousands of students over decades and move to a city until a couple of his old students pay him a visit. The heart-warming video honours the teacher-student relationship and reminds viewers that they owe their success to their teachers’ lessons.

The film:


Byju’s digital film #LearnUnlearnRelearn pays tribute to the selfless spirit and sheer perseverance of teachers who have made an everlasting mark in our lives. In their relentless pursuit of imparting the gift of education, not only have they created better learners but also shaped personalities and instilled the right values to make their students better individuals. The film highlights how despite personal upheavals and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have been steadfast in their roles as educators and mentors to ensure their students have access to uninterrupted learning.

The film:



UpGrad launched a series of three new digital films to celebrate the role of different teachers in one’s life. Conceived by the in-house team, the films are a quirky take on the evolving role of ‘teachers’, which now includes peers, colleagues, student mentors, and career coaches who can help drive meaningful career growth. The series captures learners trying to navigate their success with help and encouragement from the unconventional teachers in their lives. Adopting an emotional stance, upGrad’s film depicts that how peer-to-peer learning and students’ support are critical for learners to succeed and drive successful career transitions.

The films:


The film devised by RepIndia for IDFC First Bank thanked teachers for guiding us with important life lessons not found in school textbooks. Certain lessons such as kindness, empathy, and compassion go beyond the syllabuses and pages of textbooks. Those lessons are taught in different ways, through friendships, bonds, and trust. With this essence, the film took a refreshing take on the role that teachers play in our lives.

Digital film:



Microsoft India released a new short film titled ‘Ladoo ki Khoj’ to celebrate the evergreen spirit of learning and its foremost enablers, India’s teachers. The film aims to remind everyone of the invaluable role educators play, a community whose very purpose resonates with Microsoft’s own mission of enabling every individual to achieve more. The film leads with an endearing scenario where Laddu, a curious kid and the film’s protagonist, is willing to go to any length to find the answers to his questions. While his curiosity leads him to certain clues, it is his teacher and Microsoft Teams that finally help him understand how the world we live in works. The film is a fitting ode to how teachers, with the support of technology, have been integral to the learning journey of children across India and celebrates the spirit of every teacher who continues to open their hearts and home to ensure learning never stops.

The film:

Brands pay ode to teachers and mentors special day