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Digital content creator Hardik Banga highlighted that when it comes to brand collaborations, many brands have nowadays started indulging in small brand integrations with content creators which works like a charm compared to the old lengthy formats.

In the latest episode of Spotlight by BuzzInContent, Banga also emphasised that when working with a brand, it's about aligning what works with their objectives.

On being asked about the essential factor that should serve as a mutually beneficial bridge between a brand and a creator, Banga emphasised that it's a collaboration where both brands and creators understand their goals.

“When working with a brand, it's about aligning what works with their objectives. I adapt and promote accordingly, blending seamlessly. While some brands can be rigid with scripts, most brands often give creative freedom. Nowadays, brands prefer simple integrations into creators' content. Although long integrations can be challenging due to brand rigidity, smaller ones tend to work really well,” he added.

During the episode, Banga said, “My content has undergone several pivots, exploring various niches over time. Initially, I delved into creating content centred around business finance and infotainment, riding the wave of popularity in that segment. However, I encountered limited engagement during that period.”

“Later, I began creating content around topics such as mental health and relationships, to which people largely relate. Surprisingly, my content gained traction, resonating with an audience primarily interested in infotainment and finance. In 2021, I experienced a significant surge in my followers,” he added.

While underscoring the significance of a personal brand for content creators, Banga said that established creators with a personal brand gain an advantage amidst the noise as their audience is already familiar with them and their content.

“This has proven immensely beneficial for me. Once I also had a personal brand and it played a significant role in various aspects, including post-college job placements, and much more,” he said.

Furthermore, he went on to say that for content creators, their personal brand naturally expands as they produce content. When your work becomes visible to a wide audience, especially among teenagers and young people in metropolitan areas, your brand transcends being solely linked to your name. It becomes associated with both your name and the content you create. So, if a content creator is performing well, they essentially possess a strong and effective personal brand.

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