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There is no denying the fact that no one can replace a mother’s love. A mother-child bond is the purest and strongest form of any relationship. And to celebrate and show gratefulness towards mothers, the second Sunday of May has been set aside to celebrate Mother’s Day the world over. This year, it was celebrated on May 9.

Because of the high emotional values attached to the day, every year brands flock to create social media campaigns to celebrate motherhood. Mother’s Day comes as an opportunity for brands to create content where they don’t necessarily sell their products but connects with the consumers at an emotional level, building brand affinity and love.

This year’s content themes took into account the pandemic situation and how mothers have stood as strong pillars not just at home but also as Covid warriors.

Here are a few content-driven campaigns by brands this year:

SBI Life Insurance’s  #MummyKahanHain video

The brand has launched its Mother’s Day digital video with the theme #MummyKahanHain, recognising how the lockdown is re-defining the role of mothers who are relentlessly committed towards their dual responsibility of working for and from home. The video is a part of SBI Life’s #MummyKahanHain digital communication property that has been built over the last four years. The digital video narrates a day in the life of a working mother as seen from her child’s perspective. Seen through the eyes of a child, the video encapsulates how kids and family members have recognised an unexplored side of mothers during the Covid work-from-home scenario. Culminating into sweet moments of realisation in a family, the child witnesses and appreciates her mother in the role of a working woman and not just a mother alone. Towards the end, when the question of #MummyKahanHain arises, the little girl is reassured that her mother is always around.

The video:

Kotak Mahindra Bank’s #MomsOnDuty

An initiative that began last year by Kotak Mahindra Bank, #MomsOnDuty acknowledges and celebrates mothers on the frontlines, who take it upon themselves to serve the society along with their responsibilities towards their families. One such example is mothers who are home chefs or have home kitchens and are selflessly serving numerous families that are struggling to cook food in the lockdown or are currently Covid positive or in quarantine. As a sequel to last year's #MomsOnDuty campaign, this year Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Silk Programme is honouring such mom-run ventures that are defying all odds and contributing to society by serving home-cooked meals to the needy. This year, as a part of the Thumbstopper video series, the brand salutes the women who balance their duty as a mother and is also revering the unshakeable spirit of mothers such as Heena from Harsh Thali and Paratha. Mom-run ventures like these are feeding hundreds of poor people every single day in demanding times like these.

The campaign video:

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Nilon’s #MaaHaiTohJahanHai campaign

 Through the campaign #MaaHaiTohJahanHai, the brand has paid tribute to every mother's undying love and all the foods that connect us to them. It is conceptualised and executed by Ogilvy with an aim to reconnect, relive and acknowledge all those special bonding moments we share with our mother over food. The campaign video captures those treasured moments of our mother and the food takes everyone on a nostalgic journey. From stealing achaar from the big glass jars left in the sun or buttering your mom to make your favourite snack on a rainy day to gorging on ‘ladoos’ made by mom while staying in the hostel to countless conversations at the kitchen counter and many more.

 The video:

 Juicy Chemistry’s #JustLikeMom campaign

Home-grown skin and hair care brand Juicy Chemistry campaign focused on offering simple personal care regimes with products useful for mothers as well as the child amid the plethora of options for specific needs available to mothers and children separately in the market. In order to spread their message to their audience, Juicy Chemistry partnered with some influencer moms to share their experiences of motherhood through images and videos. Among these moms were Chef Chinu Vaze, actress Shruti Seth, Tanya K (Mommy Diaries), Dolly J, Mehr M and Shwetha Vijay Nair. This online campaign revolves around mothers and their children using the same products made by Juicy Chemistry. The reels and videos created by these influencers were to show how a single product can be beneficial for all age groups since they are naturally made without the use of any harmful chemicals.

The influencers’ posts:

Natasha Desai:

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Chef Chinu Vaze:

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Dolly Jain:

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 Teas From India calls out children to start being ‘moms to their mums’  

Mothers are the default alarm clock in our lives. Preparing us for school, or waking us up before exams or important meetings, mothers for the longest time have readied themselves well in advance to help us get ready for our daily demands. Tea has been the proverbial ‘jeevan sudha’ for mothers to crank up the family in the morning, every day of the calendar year. Teas From India wanted to gift mothers the joy of sipping their tea and enjoy the fineness of tea and the moment. The brand has launched a digital campaign that has been conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi and seeks to encourage children to make their mothers a cup of tea in the morning. 

The film:

Duroflex ‘Sounds of Sleep’ concludes by paving the way for Mother’s Day celebration

Digital music series Season 1 explored the essential role of lullabies and, more importantly, music as a sleep aid. The conclusion of Season 1 coincided well with paving the way for celebrations galore on Mother’s Day on May 9, 2021, as lullabies have a special place in every new mother's heart. The brand partnered with famous parents on the internet who shared their personal childhood stories and emotions that the lullabies evoked in them. Rannvijay Singha, Smriti Khana, Harshdeep Singh, B Paraak, Neeraj Madhavan and Barkha Sen Gupta were some of the celebrity parents who were seen singing these lullabies and encouraging people to share their favourites. It consists of six regional lullabies from across India that have been beautifully recreated and sung by prominent Indian singers — Monali Thakur, Shilpa Rao, Chinmayi Sripada, Sanah Moidutty, Shalmali Kholgade, Geetha Madhuri.

The playlist of Duroflex Sounds of Sleep :

Vedix’s #champitalkswithvedix campaign

Vedix, the Ayurveda-based customised beauty tech company’s campaign, aims to rekindle nostalgia, exploring the beautiful bond between mothers and children. ‘Champi’ or head massage is quite an intimate bond in Indian homes and a sure shot way to get rid of stress. Given the current pandemic, everyone is stressed and worried because of the uninterrupted spread of the virus and working from home while managing the household. It has been a stressful period especially for women. The campaign running on Instagram was launched in April has already received over 100 Instagram stories across the country. Vedix is expecting to build a memory bank of over 10,000 stories that will help families to look at the brighter side of life in these challenging times. The best stories will be featured on Vedix’s social media platform.

The stories:

Shoppers Stop’s #MyFirstLove

The campaign film encapsulates a few of the many ‘first’ special moments shared between a mother and her child. The film narrates the story of mothers being our first teachers and motivators. They are the ones who hold our hands as we take our first steps. From dressing us up to look like showstoppers at our first costume party, to teaching us how to do makeup, to sacrificing their work to attend to our cricket practice or for teaching us how to bake. The campaign witnessed digital engagement on Shoppers Stop’s social media platforms where followers were asked to share pictures with their ‘first love’ and describe a beautiful memory they share with their mothers.