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Republic Day is always an opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers emotionally through patriotic messages and campaigns. And there couldn’t be a better way than creating content-driven campaigns that give brands the power to tell real, authentic and mindful stories in the most creative formats.

This year too, many brands took resort to user-generated content and shared real stories of people who are true heroes for our nation.

Here are five such content-driven campaigns by brands that made an impact:

MTV’s ‘Bewakoof Mat Bano’ campaign

MTV launched a brand campaign ‘Bewakoof Mat Bano’ to stress the importance of knowing your democratic basics and not be blinded by the authority. Amid an ever-evolving cultural fabric and a milieu that wakes up to social media outcry, the need to be aware, mindful and, most importantly, conscious of our beliefs is integral to this nation. In a fine blend of boldness and impact, the brand film chronicles a dialogue between two men who are divided by the dynamics of power in society. As the conversation progresses, it reflects on how at times, we are conditioned by our beliefs to the extent of compromising our own well-being. Lured by those in power, we often lose the sense of right and wrong, allowing blind faith to hinder our conscience. But it's time we eliminate that and stop getting fooled by what's not meant for our good.

The video:

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Ambuja Cement’s film ‘The School’ and song ‘Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara’

Through the short film, Ambuja Cement wants to reiterate the fact that tough times may come and go, but the patriotic spirit of the nation should remain unshakeable, unbroken and strong. The campaign has been conceptualised by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi.

The short film:

The brand also launched a song ‘Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara’. Research showed that unlike our national anthem, the flag song didn’t have a contemporary rendition. To infuse fresh life into the inspiring and evocative words so that the new younger generation can connect with it better, the agency conceptualised and Aman Pant composed a goose-bump raising version featuring an ensemble of talents.

The song:

Micromax #INdiakeRealHeroes campaign

Micromax’s founder and CEO, Rahul Sharma announced the launch of the campaign through a post on Twitter. The aim of this campaign is to recognise and applaud real heroes who have gone above and beyond to help ones in need and do things for the nation. Through social media, Micromax is inviting Indians to nominate individuals they have come across in their daily lives who have contributed and are committed to working tirelessly ‘INdia Ke Liye’. Micromax will be celebrating 72 unsung heroes and showcase the work that they have done in order to help others cope in troubling times.

Voltas’ #CelebratingASelfReliantFuture campaign

Voltas’ Republic Day campaign is a tribute to the young entrepreneurs who are paving the way to create a self-reliant nation. The "#CelebratingASelfReliantFuture" video is inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship – the strong need to be self-sufficient for a sustainable future and have the courage to face challenges together as a nation.

This video narrates the journey of budding entrepreneurs who define their role in making India self-reliant and how promising our ‘Aatma-nirbhar Bharat’ is in the future.  The youth icons featured in the video are Harsimran Sehgal (Founder at Cuppyright) Param Nayar (Water Conservationist) Dhruv Dhakad (Author – A journey through my dreams), Advait Thakur (Founder and CEO at Apex Infosys India), Pranay Gupta (Co-founder at Rendezvous by GHK), Ankitha Kanniganti (Volunteer), Dayanand Rajebhau Mule (Volunteer for Vermi Composting at Beed District) and Avneesh Chhabra (Founder at Qause).

The video:

Emoha Elder Care’s #AzadPanchi campaign

Emoha Elder Care, a technology-powered community-based comprehensive platform enabling elders to age with grace and relevance, launched the #AzadPanchi that aims to celebrate country’s elders, by sharing their stories told by them so that their sacrifices and hard work is not forgotten.

These short videos reiterate Emoha’s philosophy of #Eldersfirst and to help elders, age with grace. The first video shows the heart-warming story of retired wing commander Umesh Rathore from the Indian Air Force reminiscing his ambition to fight a war and the proud moment of participating in 1971 war; the life after retirement and his passion to instil similar vigour in his children and grandchildren to give it back to his country. He goes on to explain how he continues to live a life that is filled with freedom, happiness and contentment.

The video: