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Joanna Catalano

Today’s consumers are intelligent and so attracting them through traditional advertising isn’t really easy. So keeping this in mind, brands are finding unique means to reach out to them. They have started integrating themselves in the plethora of content created on various mediums the consumers consume.

There are numerous YouTube channels and providers on which brands make their presence felt directly or indirectly by partnering with them.

But Joanna Catalano, CEO, APAC, iProspect thinks brands will ultimately start creating more of their own content going forward, where at times, online safety will be put at stake. And also, if the content resonates with the brand philosophy or not.

“Personally, I think brands will want to start creating more of their own content. How do you create that bespoke content that really resonates with your audience? I think it is very difficult for YouTube content creators to do that. It is not so easy for brands to connect with YouTube content creators and their content. Then there is a safety element and brands should be concerned about which YouTube content creators make sense for their brand,” said Catalano.

A lot of content marketing that we see has an unwanted brand and category plug. At times, the brands forget that in content marketing, storytelling is more important than the brand talking about themselves. Doesn’t the brand’s social media handle suffice for the connection?

Catalano answered, “When I was taking up this job, my eight-year-old son asked me why I was leaving my previous job. I said because I really liked the opportunity and was looking for a change. He then asked me what I will be doing at my new job. I said I will be selling ads and his reply was ‘But nobody likes ads.’ Today, consumers have a different set of expectations and preferences for a brand to engage with them in meaningful conversation that provides some benefit to them. Therefore, the content has to be more personalised – look and feel different.”

Also, emphasising on the important aspects to keep in mind while doing content marketing, Catalano said that it’s important to know what the brand stands for and when speaking about content, a lot of it has to start with who is the audience.