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As the next leg to the Bourbon Friends Forever campaign, Bourbon has launched a series ‘Bourbon Friendly Matches’ starring two of India’s biggest digital content creators and comedy artists Abish Mathew and Mallika Dua with an aim to refresh the brand, Britannia Bourbon’s true spirit of lifelong best friends. The series has been conceptualised and executed by JWT India.

Bourbon Friendly Matches brings these two YouTube heavyweights on a stage where they both have to prove their friendship by taking a seven-step challenge, each challenge testing an attribute of their friendship which they have arrived at after intense consumer research. The games are designed in such fun, simple ways that it encourages viewers to try the same with their friends.

As a brand which has been around for years, Britannia Bourbon recognised the need for a revamp. Drawing inspiration from the product which is loved by so many people for its ability to satiate both the heart (chocolaty taste) and stomach, the brand saw an opportunity to connect it to a key aspect of life that is as fulfilling as – ‘Real Friendships’. The brand re-defined itself in the context of this friendship and connected it to people whose lives are centred around their friends and have designed a campaign that is built on the fulfilling moments shared between best friends.

On the launch of this campaign, Ali Harris Shere, VP, Marketing, Britannia Industries, said, “Through this new campaign, the brand wants to create a world of friendship that is real and unpretentious. Although the new web series caters more to the youth, our target audience is not constrained by age, as this feeling of friendship cuts across all ages, including adults for whom moments spent with their best friends is a pivot on which their life revolves. We want to find a place in each friends’ group and this campaign is our first salvo in that direction. Collaborating with Abish and Mallika has given a much-needed boost to the campaign and we hope to amplify the brand sentiment through their comic talent.”

“Britannia Bourbon’s new brand campaign being ‘Bourbon Friends Forever’, we decided to have some fun with it. And that’s how we arrived at Friendly Matches – a set of fun challenges that test one’s friendship with their BFF. To bring this alive we decided to look for two young internet icons who spoke the language of the youth. Two of them who were also BFF. Our search ended with Abish and Mallika – two stand-up comedians and darlings of the internet with a huge follower bases, and BFF in real life. They fit the bill perfectly. The beauty of this seven-part challenge is that not only does it make you laugh out loud, but also urges you to prove your friendship with your BFF by taking those challenges,” said Priya Shivakumar, Executive Creative Director, JWT.

YouTube Video:

Part 1 - Honesty

Part 2 – Speechless

Part 3 – Friends Know More

Part 4 – Face the Fact

Part 5 – Bucket List

Part 6 – Trusting Hands

Part 7 – One Word at a Time


Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar

Executive Creative Director: Priya Shivakumar

Director: Ritika Bajaj

Creative Team: Ashwin Lingan, Pradeep Ravindran, Saagarika Shenoy, Akshay Bhat, Shashank Deekonda, Kevin Menzes

Production House: Indian Storytellers